Monday, October 5, 2009


Today is my husband's birthday. Although he doesn't read my blog I wanted to take this opportunity to wish him a Happy Birthday. I am SO BLESSED that God chose him to be my husband. I'm not saying that our marriage has been perfect....but we endured the times that weren't good and with much prayer....our marriage is stronger today than ever. I've tried to think of things that I love about him...
* He loves God with all his heart
* He is a wonderful father (and grandfather)
* He is honest
* He isn't ashamed to cry
* He never complains about what I cook
* He is a wonderful Sunday School teacher
* He supports me when I am working on a project or job
* He looks for the positive in every situation
* He speaks well of others
* He loves ALABAMA football and Vincent Yellow Jacket (where he coached 29 years)
* He is faithful to his church
* He thinks things through before doing them
* He has taken care of me for 37 years
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life......I pray that we have MANY more years together.


The Buchanan Family said...

Happy Birthday Coach Garrett!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby....what a wonderful blessing for the Lord above1

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday to your dear hubby. He sounds WONDERFUL!!!

Lorrie said...

A sweet tribute to your husband Sue. I'm also blessed to be married to a wonderful man, so I relate to this loving and heartfelt post!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Harold! This post is so sweet!

April said...

Wishing your wonderful hubby a very Happy Birthday!

DaNella Auten said...

and when Bro Harold cries... everyone cries...
Happy Bday Harold!