Sunday, August 31, 2008


My daughter, Amy, and I left early yesterday morning to hit some of the yard sales. We knew we didn't have much time because she had to get back for a birthday party and I was having folks over to watch the game (ROLL TIDE), but we found some pretty neat things in a short time. I got a little blue & gold trinket box that I am going to put in my bathroom (perfect colors) to put cotton balls, Q-tips, or whatever in for $1.00, the white candle holder that is already distressed looking for $1.00, the grapevine wreath for $0.50 (as I started to pay for it--the lady said the person in front of me,who I had never seen, paid for it for me--so it was free), and my favorite OLD cookbook for $1.00. YES, it was from 1916 and I love's up on the shelf in my kitchen by the recipe that I framed. That was my catch of the day.
I am so proud of the cookbook. It's in pretty good condition for the age of it.
Please pray for the people along the gulf coast. My son and his family live in Louisiana north of Lake Pontchartrain. They, along with his wife's parents and grandmother, are coming here today. His father-in-law's business is in Metairie (outside of New Orleans) and they lost their lake home three years ago in Bay St. Louis. There are 1,000's of people that are just like them...I can't imagine driving away and not knowing if your home would be there when you return. Pray for safety and also that there will be minimal damage from this storm. God Bless all of you!

Friday, August 29, 2008


I wish I could tell you that I have done something that is totally my idea.....but I saw this wonderful idea TODAY on Bienvenue. Susie is so creative and makes the cutest tassels but you need to check out her other wonderful ideas. You'll have to make a Spooky Tree like she has made when you see it also. But we're talking about something else right now. COASTERS!!! Everyone needs coasters and these were just about the easiest thing I've ever done. I love roosters so her example was perfect for me. Hobby Lobby has a sale right now on 50% off stamps so the sky is the limit to what you could do. You could have seasonal coasters for practically nothing! Get some slick tile from a Home Depot, Lowe's or wherever they sell tile. These tile pieces were $0.32 each. They had some for $0.13 each but I'm sure you could probably find them for even less if you had time to really look. Make sure your stamping ink is permanent and stamp away! Put some of the little felt circles underneath so your furniture won't get scratched and you are done!!! Can it get any easier???? If you check out Susie's blog you will see how she has tied a pretty ribbon around six tiles for great gifts. I couldn't do this because I didn't want to wait for mine to dry.....had to make a picture to post.
This is the picture of the front of one and the back showing how I stuck the felt pieces to keep the tiles from scratching my furniture.
The finished product...............isn't this pretty? Can't you see pumpkins, Christmas trees, snowflakes, etc......... Thank you, Susie for a wonderful idea.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have gotten SO MANY wonderful ideas from my blogging friends and each time I see something I can hardly wait to make one for myself. The chalkboard claypots are ANOTHER idea that I got from Robin at The Robin's Nest. She has the tutorial on her blog for how to do these and great suggestions for changing them for each holiday/season. I bought the pots a while back and wanted to get started on them right away. We' ve had rain for several days (I'm not complaining) and today was the first day without rain for me to get outside with my spray chalkboard paint. I already have ideas for changing the wording...."Roll, Tide, Roll" (Bama fans)," Ho, Ho, Ho" at Christmas and " Let It Snow "in January.....With these wonderful chalkboard pens (from Michael's) it is so easy to change the wording. I'll just change the ribbon to fit the wording. Thank you Robin for yet another wonderful idea. I still have more of her ideas in the making. By the isn't too late to join her Christmas stocking exchange. Go to her blog for information on this! flower pots go in my kitchen window but I could see myself in the reflection in the window. You didn't want to see that!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Rondell at Tomatoe Creek Prims is having her 100th post give-away. Look at all the neat prim gifts she is giving to some lucky person. There is something for each of the upcoming holidays plus a Yankee candle. All you have to do to be eligible for her drawing is go to her blog and leave a comment telling her that you want to be included. Don't miss this chance to win this great prize. You will really enjoy visiting and seeing all the neat things she and her husband have made.

Monday, August 25, 2008


When I visit other blogs I enjoy seeing pictures of your homes so I thought I'd share a picture of a room where I spend a great amount of time---my kitchen. I love to cook and enjoy having people over to eat so it's natural for me to spend time here! In this first picture I am taking it from the breakfast area looking into the kitchen area. You can see (kinda) that I have a collection of Blue Ridge plates hanging over my cabinets. I used to look for these every where I went but I don't find as many bargains as I did earlier. Suppose more people are collecting them now! You can also see that I have a shelf over the door going into my laundry room where I just have some old pitchers, jars, and butter molds.

This is taken from the kitchen looking back into the breakfast nook. The cabinet that is on the left of my table is one that I want to paint black (but not tell my husband until it is done). I'm afraid he'll try to talk me out of it. What do you think???
This is another shelf (over the opening going into my den) where I have some of my old bowls displayed. I shared with someone the other day that I loved old bowls also.....I don't even have a particular pattern. I use these when I need a large serving piece. I don't want to not use something if it can be used!
Here's the last door with a shelf (going into the dining room) where I have more old pitchers, juicers, jars, etc. Now I'm wondering if I have too many...........
This last picture just shows the Blue Ridge plates taken much closer. Now you know where you can find me when I am home (and not on the computer).

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I really didn't know what to write about tonight. I'm so thankful for those of you who are visiting my blog and especially those who take the time to leave a comment. This is all new to me and I feel that I gain so much from visiting your sites and hope you'll visit mine. My husband asked me last night if I felt like I HAD to post something every day. I told him that I didn't feel like I HAD to, but I know how much I enjoy seeing new posts from all of you. I know I am rambling and what I'd like is for you to leave me a comment and tell me what you really like to see when you visit blogs. I don't feel that I am as creative as many of you....oh, I can copy what you so graciously share. I just know that I feel like I have new friends from some of you who "come to see me every day" and I hope you'll continue to want to visit me.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Rain today prevented any yard sales or painting projects to be completed, but I'm not complaining at all. We have needed rain for so long that this is indeed a welcomed sight. I started thinking about what I could write about since I wasn't able to finish a project. I walked past my quilts that are hanging on a ladder in the corner of my den and knew I'd share these with you today. First of all....I LOVE quilts! I'd take a quilt any day over a blanket. As a child I remember my mother and two of her sisters quilting. They didn't use hoops --they had a wooden frame set up in the living room. While they quilted I would play underneath the quilt and I'd see the needles go in and out as they made these pretty stitches. I have some of those quilts today and my children each have one that was made for them. These that you see above are some others that I chose to display. I'm sure there are stories in each of the scraps of fabric used. This ladder has a story also. My brother-in-law lives in Florida where there are many orange groves. I told him once that I'd love to have an OLD ladder to display my quilts. He told me that the ladders the fruit pickers use are discarded after many years and he would see if he could get me one. The next time he came home I had it. It is perfect!! I wish I had learned the art of quilting. The time spent together with family and friends while making something to be passed to future generations is a precious gift!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I had hoped to be able to show you what I have been working on but my husband and I went out to eat tonight and I didn't get it finished. That will have to be for later. However, I found these items last week on the clearance table at Michael's for unbelievable prices. Each of these items were 80% off! I must admit that prior to my blogging days of seeing what spray paint does, I would have passed a couple of them by simply because of the color. Not any more!!! In fact, I have already painted the wicker lamp and the "Home" plaque black. By the way...I stopped by to buy more spray paint tonight and there were several ladies getting some also. I thought to myself..."You've been reading someone's blog just like me!" If it doesn't rain, I'll hit some yard sales in the morning!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I AM a wife, mother, and Gigi
I THINK about the past way too much
I KNOW that God gave me a wonderful family
I WANT my children to be happy
I HAVE a wonderful husband who loves me, a son and daughter who both have great spouses, and six precious grandchildren
I WISH that I were more organized
I DISLIKE buttermilk
I MISS my family who have passed on
I FEAR something happening to my husband or one of my children
I FEEL blessed
I HEAR a train in the distance
I SMELL a pumpkin spice candle
I CRAVE watermelon
I USUALLY stay up much too late every night
I SEARCH for new blogs that will become favorites like so many others
I WONDER if I could go a day without worrying about something
I REGRET the times I made a wrong choice
I CARE too much about what others think
I ALWAYS tell my husband and children that I love them before I say good-bye
I WORRY about everything......(ask my husband)
I AM NOT shy
I REMEMBER the day I found out I was going to be a mother
I BELIEVE that all things do work together for the good (not that all things are good)
I DANCE with my husband at home once in a blue moon
I SING when I am alone (it is more of a joyful noise)
I DON'T ALWAYS walk each week like I want
I ARGUE rarely (I hate this)
I WRITE notes to myself (lists)
I WIN sometimes
I LOSE very few things...but I have never found the one thing that I did lose (my ring)
I NEVER will forget how good God has been to me
I LISTEN when others talk
I DON'T UNDERSTAND why people lie
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND at work or home

These are a few things about me. I'm working on a project that maybe I'll be able to show later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was looking through my recipes today for a pound cake recipe to cook for someone who has just come home from the hospital. Although I have several different recipes for pound cakes, this one is absolutely the best. I'll share it with you some time. While looking for it (I guess you know now that I must not have my recipes in cute binders in categories....but that's another project later) I found another recipe that my mother-in-law had given me. It was in her handwriting and had splatter marks on it from where she had used it. I kept it out and as quick as I put the cake in the oven I started working on framing her recipe. I have wanted to do this before (and I want to find one of my mother's writing) so today was the day. As I has spatter marks, and I may never use this particular recipe but I will treasure it because it was written by her. My children remember her handwriting from their birthday cards but I hope one day my grandchildren will begin asking questions about that "strange artwork" on my kitchen shelf. That will open a door for many stories!

This is the shelf where I put the framed recipe in my kitchen. By the way.....the cake turned out great......wish I could cut it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had a church function last Saturday so I knew I would not be able to hit any yardsales. I happened to be near a thrift store earlier in the week and thought I better stop by and see if there might be something calling my name. I saw this adorable plaque that was once quite expensive but I really had no use for a "Madison". I do have a Maddie but for $1.48 I knew that this had to go home with me. After visiting several blogs I knew chalkboard paint would have to be used somewhere on this. I couldn't decide whether I should use it in my kitchen or bath. You already know that my guest bath is done in black and white so the decision was made. This project was so simple. I just covered the "Madison" part with chalkboard paint and used white spray paint on the rest. I had purchased some of the chalkboard pens at Michael's that someone told about and they are WONDERFUL! This is my finished project.
I made the picture from the side because the flash made a glare from the front.

This glare isn't as bad as a closeup but you can still see it. I want to get something cute to hang from the knobs on the plaque. For $ can't be it!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I got my first award today....THE SMILE AWARD.....I am new to blogging and I am so excited that someone chose me. This award is from Cathy at CATNABARN. Once I found her blog, I immediately put it on my favorites. This girl knows how to take something that is going to be thrown away and make something beautiful!
Here are the rules:
1. The recipient must link back to the awards creator.
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must choose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award (see below).
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.
Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude (not necessarily at all times--we are human)
2. Must love one another.
3. Must learn from others.
4. Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
5. Must learn from mistakes.
6. Must love life.
7. Must love kids.
My 5 people I chose are:
I have gotten so many of my ideas from her. She is so creative. When I see
the things that she has done it amazes how beautiful they turn out.
She was one of the first blogs I visited before I actually started blogging. She is
the one who gave me the initiative to hit the yard sales/thrift stores and look for
hidden treasures.
I found her through my daughter's blog. I love reading about her family and the
love she has for her family. I love seeing what a wonderful mother she is and her
faith in God in the midst of many trials.
I love looking at all her beautiful primitive decorating. I love her house! I smile
every time I see the pictures.
I just found this blog but smiled immediately. She knows how to decorate with
anything. She and I like the same things....I can tell already.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is the second wonderful idea I have gotten from Joy at Joys of Home. She gave this idea and told how simple and inexpensive it was to make. I knew then that I needed something to go in my half bath (this is the one with the sink made from an old oak dresser). Everything in that room is black or white....... other than the old dresser. I can't bring myself to paint it just yet. Joy was absolutely correct when she said this was very simple to do. You really can do it in less than 5 minutes! Visit her blog for step by step directions. It will be the post "Under Five Bucks" or something similar! This girl has wonderful ideas!!! By the way......I'm working on something else to show you this week for this same room (and I didn't steal this idea).

Another Give Away

Here's another give away from Canadian Country Gal. This is a sign she has made and some lucky winner will have it in time to decorate for Halloween. Visit her blog and leave a comment that you would like for her to include you in the drawing. By the way....someone asked me how I found all these wonderful's just like this. Someone will post a comment and I'll go to their blog and from there I continue to find all these great places. You will soon find those that you will want to visit every day....just like old friends!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Linda from Behind My Red Door is having a wonderful fall give away. You must visit her blog. I have it listed as one of my favorites. In order to be eligible for the drawing (which she will give away real soon), you must leave a comment on her blog. You are going to love it! She has a beautiful home which has been photographed to be in Country Sampler. Don't miss this chance to be eligible for this drawing. I am sure you will make this one of your favorites also.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


My first yardsale/thrift store creation from Saturday's find was an inspiration from Joys of Home post on August 6. I thought her "mint basket" was the most creative thing. When I found the little wooden box I wasn't quite sure just how I would use it, but I knew that I would think of something. Well, I don't know about you, but when I have company and it's not formal (which it rarely is) the meal is usually buffet style. I hate to just put the silverware on the counter, so this is my creation. Now I have a place for the silverware when there's a crowd at my house!I really didn't know what I would use the next little wooden 3 drawer cabinet for. It was small and it had no knobs. I still am not completely sure, but right now I am using it in my kitchen and I have my coupons in one drawer, my Box Tops for Education in another, and I know there'll be something in the other one soon. I have found that black paint does wonders!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I think you already know that family is really important to me! My husband and I both have lost both of our parents and grandparents but have wonderful memories of them. We have a picture of my husband when he was a little boy with his grandparents and when we remodeled we decided that we'd like to have a wall of picutres of just our parents and grandparents. We had a board from an old shed on my grandmother's land that we had taken down (my mantle is built from this) and I stenciled All because two people fell in love... These pictures hang over an old church pew. This has become quite a conversation piece when someone comes to visit. This gives me a chance to tell a little bit about the people who meant so much to us!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love a log cabin! I appreciate beautiful new things but I LOVE the old, rustic charm that you find in log cabins. For about ten years my husband and I toyed over the idea of selling our home and building a log home. We were serious enough to decide on a house plan and the spot on our land that we were going to build it. One day I was outside on the lawn mower (I do my best thinking here) and told myself that I should just do some changes here and be happy. That's what we did! First thing we did was rip up all the carpet downstairs (except in our bedroom) and my son-in-law put hardwood floors down....the kind I would have wanted in a log house. It looks old & distressed (like we all get at times). He did some new countertops in my kitchen, and some other remodeling that had to be done. But, my most favorite part of the remodeling was my sweet husband's idea. Our half bath had wall paper that had been there since the house was built and I don't think I could have gotten a corner of it up to pull down. I was going to paint over it but it had a border on top and I knew the seams would show. I didn't know what to do. My husband had our son-in-law put up these 1 x 6 boards on the walls.....then he white washed it. It looks OLD! I love the room. At first I was going to put a pedastal sink in there but we had an old dresser that was my uncles. We cut a hole in it and put the sink in it.
The mirror that was attached to the dresser had to be hung above because of the faucets.
It was hard to get a picture because the room was so small but I think you can see enough. I am so pleased with the way the walls look and I think this dresser made a perfect vanity!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I love pretty cloth napkins and I also love throw pillows. I don't think you can have too many of either (except when you are trying to make your bed and put all the pillows back on). Each time I shop I find myself looking at napkins. My daughter, Amy, is just as bad. Last Saturday after we had been to yard sales & the thrift store, we stopped by Old Time Pottery. We weren't shopping together but eventually met up at the linens. She showed me the cutest napkins that she had found. I had already told her that I was going to take cute napkins and cover old pillows. She found some that would be great for fall and I found some for Christmas also. Several weeks ago I bought throw pillows at a yard sale for just this purpose! When I got home from work today I started on the fall pillows.
I decided to applique a pumpkin on one of the napkins....I didn't put the jack-o-lantern face because I wanted to use it in November & not just October. Then I sewed three sides of the napkins together (put the right sides together to do this). I wanted to be able to change the pillows for the seasons so I left one side open. Then I turned the napkins so the right sides of the fabric would be showing & put the pillow in to measure just how much room would be needed to fold over. I then removed the pillow and made a buttonhole and sewed a button. Remember I want to be able to remove the pillow and use it again when it's time to put my Christmas creation in. You could use velcro but I didn't have any at home so I just used the button.
This is the front side. I think the pumpkin is cute. You could put an intial or leave it with just the design of the napkin.
This is the back of the pillow so you can see my button....I'm not a real good seamstress but this works.

The FINISHED PROJECT!!!! I can't wait until September to actually put these on the sofa.
Also.....Today is my daughter, Amy's, birthday. Happy 32nd Birthday to a very special person.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


The cooler nights and early mornings have made me wish for fall. I know that we still have at least another month of really hot weather here, but it doesn't hurt me to start thinking about it. I love fall....the leaves as they change colors are absolutely beautiful. Mums in various colors with pumpkins decorate the yards and of course the cotton fields are white! I will have pictures for you when that happens. I still am amazed at the cars that will pull off the highway to make pictures of the white fields of cotton (things we take for granted). School buses will pass my house bringing classes on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch and Old Baker's Farm. That's another thing that I take for children grew up here and saw cotton, corn, hay, barns, and animals every day. Those living in the city aren't given those opportunities so they must pay to visit! I'm glad there is a farm here that offers this to children so they can see first hand what living on a farm was like. If you live close to the Birmingham, AL area and have not visited the Old Baker Farm, you should do so. This year is a special year. Mr. Earl celebrates his 100th birthday. The Cotton Picking Celebration (with arts & crafts) will be October 25th & 26th. It will be quite a celebration. I hope to see you there myself.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


My daughter, Amy, and I had a great day looking for treasures at yardsales today. I found several items that I probably would have passed up before, but after seeing how creative some of my blogging friends have been with spray paint I was tickled to death and came home and have already painted a few of the items. I had been looking for some large candle sticks and found these at the first stop. I paid $5.00 for the three of them. I have several rolling pins and you might say that I'm a collector of them now so I couldn't pass this one by for under $2. All of the baskets will be painted black and used for various is going to hold my rolling pins. The little three drawer cabinet was calling my name. I don't have a clue what I'll use it for, but I have already painted it black and I did put some little white knobs on the drawers. I can't decide if I'll use it in my kitchen or put it somewhere else. The miniature chair will be used as a decorative piece. All of the items that you see above were $17.00. Pretty good if I do say so!
I will say that I am so jealous of Amy. We stopped at an estate sale and the first thing we saw was this small three drawer chest. You could tell it was old, but in good shape. Amy got to it first and the price was $20.00. She said, "It's mine!" I'll put it by Shawn's (her husband) recliner. She is painting it black, also. (I'm sure she will post pictures of it on her blog). I think the amount of black paint that is sold must be going up after reading some of these blogs!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I am looking forward to hitting some yard sales tomorrow. I checked the paper today and circled the ones I want to make. The weather is a bit cooler today so that will make it much more enjoyable than last week. I hope to be able to have some pictures to post tomorrow night of some fantastic finds.

Thanks to all of you who are visiting and leaving comments. It is so much fun to visit with each of you and see what you are doing. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grandmother Garrett & her grandchildren

Do you ever think of the people who have made a difference in your life? I mean....a real difference. Sure there are those who have left memories (both good and bad) and those people will not be forgotten. But I believe there are a few people who truly help to make us better. I have to tell you about one such person in my mother-in-law, Thelma Garrett. For the first seventeen years of my married life, she and her husband shared their lives together. They were hard-working, honest, Christian people who lived a very simple life. Together they raised four boys. During the late 70's she fought a battle with breast cancer and survived. In the mid-80's, my father-in-law was diagnosed with ALS and died in 1989. During those years of caring for him she remained strong. Some time after his death she called us and asked us to come by one night. It was then that she told us that she had another tumor. She chose not to tell anyone because she knew that she should take care of Granddaddy (her husband). By this time, it was so large and was inoperable. However, through prayer, chemo & radiation, she lived for almost ten more years. During those years her lifestyle continued as normal as possible. Yes, she lost her hair....the chemo zapped her energy....the treatments caused her pain and numbness in her hands and feet at times, but she continued to go to church & do for others. I never saw fear in her life (other than storms). She put her trust in God and knew that He would take care of her in every situation. During her last months she told me, "My body tells me to go to bed but my head tells me if I go to bed I won't get up." She didn't go to bed until the last few weeks of her life. She continued to go and give to others.......not monetary....but by example. I know that she taught me so many things. I hope I can pass some of these on to my children.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Rhoda from Southern Hospitality (one of my favorite blogs) is having a blog party for anyone to post their favorite yard/estate sale find. My favorite find is really unbelievable. I must tell you how I came upon this beautiful set of pink depression glass dishes. I found the cups and saucers in a plastic dishpan. I asked about buying them and was told that I could just have them. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. Before I could get my thoughts together I was told, "I think there's some plates somewhere that match them and I don't need them either." Sure enough.....there was an entire set of the most beautiful pink depression glass that I had ever seen. I paid $0.00 for this entire set. This has to be my favorite find!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Awhile back I decided I had to have a monogramming machine. At that time I had two granddaughters and saw all these cute outfits that were monogrammed. Look at the money I would save if I could do it myself!!! I got my plan together and convinced my sweet husband that I could pay for this machine by monogramming for others. (In my mind I was thinking that worse case scenario...I would have the cutest little outfits for Breanna and Maddie if I never sold a thing). The week after I bought my machine my daughter, Amy, came home from work and told me about the "cutest" pair of flip-flops that she saw. "Mama, you can make them!" My sweet husband saw $$$ and asked Amy if she thought any of the teachers at her school might want to order a pair. FLIP-FLOP BUSINESS offically began that day!! I am not complaining, but I will tell you that it took me and my entire family one weekend to get the first orders ready. For the next several weeks my basement became an assembly line. I found the best place for me to get my flip-flops (that were good quality) were Academy Sports. I bought every brown and black pair of flip-flops in the store. When they restocked the next week I was there again. You should be pushing a buggy that is piled with flip-flops and see the stares you get! The orders were amazing....NO ADVERTISING....I made flip-flops for bridesmaid gifts, flips-flops for All-Star moms with their son's numbers, school colored name it---I've made it! Who would have ever believed FLIP-FLOPS would pay for a monogramming machine!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think...... Eph. 3:20
Yes, God does much, much more than we can think or imagine. He surely did when he blessed me with my grandchildren. I know that we all feel that way but God has blessed my husband and me with six grandchildren when it seemed very unlikely at first. Our daughter, Amy had tried for several years to have a baby and had gone through infertility treatments....(no success). After some time, she & her husband decided that they would stop the treatments. Soon afterwards, they met the two most precious little boys (ages 2 & 3) visiting our church one Sunday with their foster parents. Yes, they later were able to adopt these little boys and she also became pregnant....ANOTHER BOY!!! THREE BOYS in about two years.
Our son and his wife live in another state and became foster parents for a beautiful little girl (age 3). After about a year and a half, they realized that she would never be able to return to her biological mother. So........they adopted her and have had two more little girls of their own since then. THREE GIRLS in about three years. None of this was a surprise to God. He knew the plans He had for them before they were formed. I can't tell you the joy these children have brought to us. Is there a difference in the way we feel toward our biological/adoptive grandchildren? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I thank God for blessing us SIX times!
Please visit my daughter, Amy's new blog. She is a wonderful mother and you will enjoy reading her adventures.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


First of all I want to thank Rhoda for her help in getting my pictures loaded. If you haven't visited her blog you must! It is one that you will definitely go back to each day for wonderful ideas.
This is a delicious dessert that is easy to make. On Friday I had to have a quick dessert to carry to someone and this was it. Here are the ingredients:
1 Angel Food Cake
1 - 2 packages of strawberries
1 - 1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 large Cool Whip
Wash & slice the strawberries. Put 1 - 1 1/2 cups of sugar over the strawberries and mix well. Let them sit for a few hours. This makes it's own juice. (You may add more sugar if you want it sweeter).
To put the cake together:
Cut the Angel Food cake in bite size cubes. Put 1/2 of the cake cubes in the bottom of a large glass bowl. Pour half of the strawberries + juice over the cake. Put a layer of Cool Whip over the strawberries. Repeat the layers. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 - 6 hours. YUMMY!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Many of you know that August is my daughter, Amy's, birthday month. No.....I have not completely lost my mind and cannot remember the year I gave birth.....but today Amy IS 40 POUNDS LIGHTER!!! She began a weight loss program on April 2nd and as of today has lost 40 pounds!!!! This morning she and I left early to hit some yard sales and on the way home she wanted to stop by for her weekly weigh-in. They did her measurements today and they were unbelievable for this length of time. I am so proud of my beautiful, talented daughter. WAY TO GO, AMY!!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


This picture does not show how big the bloom of this hydrangea was this year. It was much larger than a dinner plate and it is still beautiful except the bloom is now a pale green instead of white. Several years ago I went to this wonderful place called Petals From the Past where they specialize in having plants that grew years ago around old homesteads. The wonderful things about this place is they usually have these plants growing around their garden shop so you can actually see what they will look like (hopefully) when they grow. For the first few years, I knew that I had a hydrangea but that was about it. However, this year the blooms were massive. Gardening (in early springtime before the heat in late July/August) is a wonderful stress release for me. Maybe there is something more to the saying...."Take time to smell the roses...."