Thursday, July 31, 2008


It is so hard to believe that it is time for school to begin. I remember when my two were just starting. The pictures above were both made during their first grade years. Now both are excellent teachers and have children of their own in school. I taught school for many years and look back today and smile at some of my fondest memories. Many friendships were made through the years and I truly hope that my students have special memories of me. Much emphasis today is put on teaching reading, writing, math, and test scores (and rightly so), but teachers touch the life of a child in many other important ways. I know that there were ( and still are) students who needed to know that someone loved them. I pray that the higher expectations of raising scores each year never take away from having a child feel that his or her teacher has time show them they are important. This, to me, is a true meaning of "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have always enjoyed gardening.....including freezing and canning vegetables, making jams and jellies, and pickling. As a child growing up on a farm I would love watching all the preparations that had to be done in order to have plenty of food in the winter. I remember my mother and her sisters as they spent entire days shelling peas, butterbeans, snapping greenbeans, or cutting off corn. When I became old enough to actually help I enjoyed these days. It was hard work, but the time together sitting under an oak tree with pans of peas to shell, made memories that will last a lifetime. Although I don't have my mother, aunts, or mother-in-law to share in these special times today, I still enjoy the times that I can or freeze vegetables. In fact, last week I canned these tomatoes. I am aware that it would be much easier to buy canned tomatoes at the grocery store, but the taste is definitely better and my wonderful memories can not be replaced.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Savannah Trip

My husband has three brothers and the four of them are very close. The fact that one brother lives in another state makes it difficult for everyone to be together very often. Thanksgiving is the holiday where the entire family "attempts" to get together but even if that happens, there are so many people with children and grandchildren until the brothers have little time for just each other. Last Thanksgiving, Harold (my husband), suggested that each year the four brothers and wives take a trip together and each of them would plan where the trip would be. We decided Gary would be in charge of the first trip and his choice was Savannah, Georgia. I think this was his choice because it was almost half-way for each of us. I was extremely excited because the mention of Savannah meant Paula Deen for me, and I love her! We actually arrived at the motel within minutes of each other so this was a good mid point for us (not that it mattered). Savannah is absolutely beautiful. You must take a tour if you go because they point out things you would miss on your own. Shopping along the river was fun.....for the wives. The line to eat at Paula's restaurant wrapped around several blocks. We could only make reservations if there were 10 in our party and we only had 8.....but Paula Deen is worth eating with two strangers. We made the reservations and found two of the most precious people who wanted to eat at Paula Deen's badly enough to eat with 8 complete strangers. The food was absolutely wonderful. The picture above shows one of the buffets. My favorite was the corn......YUMMY!!! Dessert was brought to us with a choice of banana pudding, peach cobbler, or cheesecake. Yes, if we couldn't make a choice....we were allowed to have more than one. This trip was wonderful.....the time with my family who mean the world to me, and seeing a beautiful city while eating at The Lady and Sons, will be hard to beat. Our next trip together is being planned now.

Monday, July 28, 2008


A dear friend of mine has a bunny that she dresses for each season or special occasion she has at her home. I always make a point to drive by when I am in her town just to see how she has her bunny dressed. This past spring, while shopping for flowers, I noticed this bunny out by the birdbaths. Immediately I loaded her and have enjoyed looking for outfits for her for each month. I first had her dressed in an Easter hat with flowers all over it. For June, she sported a bikini top and hot pink sun visor. In July, she was very Patriotic with a red visor, navy top, and flags around her. This is her back to school attire! I am having such fun with her and my grandchildren always comment on how she is dressed. Wait until you see what her next outfit will be (real soon)!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last weekend Harold (my husband) and Chris ( my son) flew to New York to see a Yankees game. Neither are huge Yankees fans but the fact that this is the last year for games to be played in this stadium was reason enough to send them away! Of course, when you love sports the way these two do, it really doesn't matter who is playing. They had planned this trip for several months and were able to see the Yankees play Oakland on Friday night and Saturday and even went into Manhattan. I think it was wonderful for the two of them to be able to spend time together. Amy (my daughter) and I are trying to decide where we would like to go so we can have some mother/daughter time. Any suggestions????

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is my Emma. I did make her a dress out of the same fabric as the pictures below because Amy (my daughter) shamed me for the older two having dresses alike and Emma not having one. I still think babies look sweeter in soft colors, but she has a bright dress and we just didn't get her picture in it because she was asleep when the ones of her sisters were made. Emma is such a happy girl.....smiles every time you look at her. I agree with Paula Deen.....If I had known grandchildren were going to be so special, I would have had them first!!!!

SUGAR & SPICE.......

One of my favoite blogs that I visit every day is The Sticklers. Several weeks back I saw these precious dresses that Darby had made for her daughters. At the time I had two dresses that were about half smocked and you know exactly what I did. The smocking is still not finished (but I hope to finish them soon). I went and found fabric and bought the pattern to make Breanna and Maddie a dress like I saw that day (Simplicity 5118). I decided that Breanna might be a little too old for one exactly like her sister's so I bought a different pattern for her (Simplicity New Look 6690). I'll have to admit that my sewing has been limited to Bishops because I took a smocking class and learned how to make those. By changing the color of the dress and the design that you smock, it didn't matter if the only dress I ever made was by the same pattern!! However, I have to say that I made each of the girls two dresses by these patterns. You MUST visit this blog if you want some precious ideas.

I think these are about the most precious little girls in the world!! We were about to go get something to eat. I wish you could see Maddie's feet. She had on her silver, glittery shoes and they were on the wrong feet!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Beach Trip

Each year for the past five years, we have gone to Orange Beach for a week with just our children and grandchildren. Because of busy schedules and the fact that Chris (our son) and his family live in Lousiana, the time we have together is limited to a few short weekends and a week at Thanksgiving (but this time is shared with extended family). So......each summer we all go to Orange Beach for a week together. YES, we all stay in the same condo and YES, there are a few times that it gets pretty noisy but we all look forward to this time together. This year the weather was absolutely beautiful and the food delicious. Granddaddy saved all his change and surprised the five oldest grandchildren when he poured the money on the table and had them put the coins in groups of quarters, dimes, nickels, and even pennies. This entertained them for quite some time!!! Next, he gave them each a baggy and divided the coins among them. When he told me before leaving home that he was going to give the grandchildren his change to spend, I told him I would exchange it for cash. He quickly told me that part of the fun for them would be "dividing all the coins"! He was right again!!! Each of them were able to take their money and go to 'The Shark' (Souvenier City) and buy what they wanted. However, we wanted their parents to have this priviledge!!! The week was wonderful and ended much too soon but we will return next year!!

Everyone Needs A BEST Friend

Friends are a huge part of life. I look at children and see how they develop friendships at daycare and school. Have you ever wondered what it is that attracks someone to become your friend? I've heard someone say that some friends come into your life for a season and they are gone but some are lifetime friends. I look back at my childhood and I remember my friends from elementary school. At that time they were best friends...but now I realize it was only for a season. My children (Amy & Chris) had special friends growing up and the closeness they had with these friends seemed as if it would last a lifetime. I think the paths they have each taken in their lives have caused these friends to be their friends for a season. However, I believe each of us have one friend that is our lifetime friend. I know I have one. Her name is Jane. I met Jane in the early 1980's. Both of our husbands were coaches and we spent much time together (alone) with our children. She and I know the good, bad, and ugly and still love each other. Throughout the years, the moves, the tears, the trips, the phone calls, and the advice (some taken & some not) we both know beyond a shadow of a doubt...that our friendship is not for a season......but a lifetime! I hope each of you have a lifetime friend. I thank God for mine!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something New for Me

After stalking blogs for several months, I have decided to create one for myself. It is so addictive! Like everyone else I have my favorites and these happen to be for people I have never met, but each day I have to see what they have posted. I have learned so much about decorating, scrapbooking, cooking, sewing and more importantly....that everyone hurts at some time. It is so wonderful to see just how many know that without Jesus it would be impossible to make it through our trials. This is so new for me and I told myself for many weeks that I someone in their 50's was just too old to be starting a blog. However, I wanted a way to share my life with you and hear your comments. Thank you for going with me on this new journey.