Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm ready for the kids tonight!! As I bagged the candy last night I kept thinking of "The Night Before Christmas" when 'the stockings were hung' and it went through my mind 'the candy was bagged'! I'm not a writer or I would have come up with a cute little Halloween poem. Anyway....we're ready to see some cute costumes and open our door to "Who is this?" They will usually pull their mask off and say, "It's ____!!" I never know how many to prepare for because we live on a road where there are no other houses (other than family members). However....we are ready for those who may come and I prepared well.....I bought candy that WE really like in case there is extra!!! Hope you have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


In my post yesterday I told you that I was having computer problems that caused me to not be able to upload the picture. I had intended my title of the post to be "My House Smells Yummy!" Well, that can't be my title this morning....because it doesn't! But I will tell you why my house smelled yummy night before last.
SEVERAL years back when I taught school we stressed to the children to a "Random Acts of Kindness" each day. Do something "just because"! I tell myself that I would love to do more for people but I just don't have time----baloney! I have time to do what I want to do!! My grandsons have the best teachers at school. I can't sing their praises enough. All three of them tell me each time I see them what they have done in class and I will be the first to say that all three are "a hand full". Keith is our special child. He can do so much but has always struggled in school. He has had wonderful teachers but this has been the year that he has felt success. He told me one night when I was helping him with his spelling, "Gigi, my teachers love me." OK.....I'm rambling so on with my story. Several weeks ago I found these individual loaf pans at Hobby Lobby and bought ten of them ($1.00 each). Night before last I made pumpkin bread from the recipe that I posted awhile back (the reason my house smelled YUMMY). This recipe is one of the best I've ever tried. After they cooled I wrapped them in plastic wrap and tied a little prim ribbon around them. I then attached a note thanking the teacher for making a difference in my grandchild's life. The picture above shows them in the box on the way to school to be delivered.
But.....wouldn't you know it.....I tried just to see if the picture (that wouldn't upload the other night) would work and here it is below. At least you can see what the little loaf pans look like. Go find someone today and do a Random Act of Kindness!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


First of all, let me say that my computer is driving me crazy. I tried to post about something else last night and it absolutely would NOT upload that picture. I got so upset I just went to bed...tried it again this morning and the same thing happened. I thought I'd try some other pictures to see if it would work and these loaded (but not in the correct order.....OH, WELL!) I had planned to wait and post about this when I could show all the completed projects from that day. I'll still do that later.
Last weekend we had all three grandsons and had a great day.....we always's just that some are a little "easier" than others. Griffin (the youngest) had been sick with sinus infection so I tried to think of inside fun......we made some salt dough ornaments. OH, BOY! Little boys enjoy that too! I told you these pictures are loaded completely backwards but I wasn't about to redo them.....just imagine that this is a picture of Sunday afternoon.....and they don't dress like this all the time. I found some of my DH's paint shirts to put on them so they wouldn't ruin their good shirts!

Keith & Zack are painting their Christmas tree ornaments. I let them use cookie cutters at first on Saturday but some of my favorite ornaments that they made are those that they just "made with their hands". We have several snowmen, Rudolphs, stars, candy canes, and one that I believe is an elephant (ROLL TIDE)!!!

Yes, I let them roll the dough on my kitchen table....heck, we weren't going to eat it!! I think they thought they were playing with play dough. I can't wait to show you the finished ornaments (all painted and sprayed with a finish). YES, they will be on my Christmas tree. They are some of my most priced possessions!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've been BOO-ed! Dot from Picket's Place, Darlene from Darlene's Days, and Robin from The Robin's Nest have all BOO-ed me.

Here are the rules: Pick some people to BOO and let them know they have been BOO-ed. Have them link back to your blog to pick up their treat (picture) so they can BOO their friends. Put the picture on your sidebar so everyone knows you have been BOO-ed. BOO!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I asked for your opinion on whether to frame my stitchery or make a pillow and the majority said that I should frame it. I tried making a picture in many places tonight but couldn't get one that didn't have a huge glare (other than this one). I really enjoyed doing this and have some other patterns that I want to start for Christmas. I know that some will be pillows and I'll frame others. Other than the bittersweet on the one above, it went really fast so I'm sure that the patterns I have chosen to do now will be much easier. Also, I finished the pennyrug table runner that I previously posted about. You know how many mistakes are in this one but I also plan to do more of these. See the finished product below.

On my next trip to the Thrift Store I am going to look for some wool skirts. I made this one from felt. Friday night the three grandsons spent the night with us and Zack (age 8) was so interested in this project as I was completing it. He said, "Gigi, you need to come teach this to my class." I told him that these were called pennyrugs and a little of the history behind them (thanks to Terry at Cider Moon Cottage). He asked if I'd teach him how to make one. I let him pull some of my thread through and he loved it. The next day he asked me if I was going to sew some more. I'll have to find something that I can teach him.

I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet, but I'm already thinking about Christmas. I love Thanksgiving and don't want to rush through. I have my husband's family (it's mine too) at my house on Thanksgiving and look forward to it every year. It's the one time during the year that most of the family is together. The reason I'm thinking about Christmas is the fact that Thanksgiving is later this year and my first Christmas party at my house is December 2nd. How will I get it all decorated in one weekend????

Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Cotton Pickin' Festival that is an annual event at the Old Baker Farm was yesterday and again today. The Festival this year was special because the 1ooth birthday of "Mr. Earl" was celebrated. Mr. Earl was born and raised on the farm that his son, Jerry and wife Pam, now operate a Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm. Our families have always been close and I admire the hard work that Pam and Jerry do in order to keep this farm and it's history alive. I am still in awe at the huge number of people who have never visited a farm, seen any type of farm animal, cotton, corn, or farmlife. Each day is booked with classes of children visiting. Well....yesterday was a beautiful day and I was able to be there for a short time (I kept three grandsons most of the day). I took lots of pictures but I only know how to post five at a time so I had to be selective today. This first one above is a mother and daughter selling cookbooks. I LOVE COOKBOOKS. I thought this one was pretty unique because the mother wrote all these recipes when her daughter when to college and also has some little personal notes on some. There was an article published in Southern Lady Magazine about this cookbook.
The picture above shows beautiful fall and Christmas wreaths that were made by my best friend, Jane. She is very talented and has a made some of the most beautiful arrangements.
This is my son-in-law, Shawn, who sold boiled and roasted (parched) peanuts. If you notice he had a television in his booth with satellite set up so he wouldn't miss the ballgames yesterday. I think his business went quite well--he complained last night that his back hurt because he bent over so many time dipping peanuts to sell.
My daughter, Amy, painted the cauldrons that Susie from Bienvenue showed awhile back and this was another popular item.
Kristen had a booth full of the neatest items. I made several pictures but since the number I could post on one day was limited, I chose this one. This is one of her "junk angels". It was made from old boards from a barn and various other pieces of junk. I loved it!
This Cotton Pickin' Festival proved to be a time of food, crafts, history, animals, and much more. It was a fun time for an entire family!

Friday, October 24, 2008


You can say that I have always had a strength (or maybe it is a weakness) to think I could do whatever I see someone else doing. It is definitely a weakness right now because I have so many projects going that are not completed because I'll see something else and want to start that one immediately! Well....I had never seen a pennyrug before I began the world of blogging. Of course, my husband will say my decorating style definitely changed after blogging, also. Back to the pennyrug.....I would see some of the most beautiful work and the idea hit me that I should try it. I didn't have any wool but had bunches of felt so one of my new friends told me of a site to get this freebie pattern for a pennyrug table runner of a Christmas tree. I cut the circles out (which wasn't as bad as I thought) and found a tutorial for stitches. You have to know me to appreciate the fact that I don't sit very much UNLESS I AM WORKING ON SOMETHING (or on the computer). Last night I thought I'd sit and watch the ballgame with my husband and work on this project. I had about 10 of the "pennies" stitched and I thought that something didn't look right. I put my work down and pulled the tutorial back up on the computer and realized that I had done all my stitches (that had been done) completely backward. See picture below.

I wanted to put the thing in a bag and forget it but thought that this is something I'm going to really enjoy once I learn the stitches correctly so........I took them all out and started over. "If at first you don't succeed...try again!" While I watched the ballgame I was able to complete one tree. There are two for the table runner. I KNOW...I KNOW that the stitches are horrible but this is my first (well second if you count the ones I took out) attempt. I'll show you the finished project hopefully next week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I finished a fall stitchery last night and I'm not sure if I'll frame it or make a pillow---I'm open to suggestions. I'd love to hear what you think I should do. I love the bittersweet (this did take some time though). I'm trying my luck on a pennyrug table runner right now. I have seen some of your beauties and wanted to make one for myself. Maybe it will turn out and I'll post a picture when it is completed. Another thing that I'm wanting to learn is quilting...I want to make a wall hanging and when I find one that is simple enough for a beginner I'll tackle that. Now to the humor........
My DH has always had a thing about either of our children saying the word frickin'. While they were still home, he'd get on to them if they said it. I read this on Darlene's blog yesterday and laughed because it reminded me so much of some of our past experiences.
Some 5 year old students were learning to reading (using phonics, of course). Yesterday, one of them pointed at a picture in a zoo book and said, "Look at this! It's a frickin' elephant!" I took a deep breath and then asked..."What did you call it?" "It's a frickin' elephant! It says so on the picture!" And so it does.....


Monday, October 20, 2008

This is GRAND!

Several weeks ago I told you that I had a friend, who is also a wonderful photographer, come to my house to make pictures of all of my grandchildren. Kamin works as a photographer for two of my most favorite magazines, Paula Deen & Southern Lady, and is doing personal photography on the side. I try to have pictures made once a year of the grandchildren together and instead of taking them somewhere (and ending up with a headache from waiting, etc.), Kamin came to my home one Saturday morning. She made hundreds of pictures which included individual shots of each of them and the most unique pictures I've ever seen. She made them in the yard, by my wood pile, muscadine vine, cotton patch, and even walking down the railroad tracks (close to the house). This was the very last picture that she made as we were leaving the railroad tracks. When my son saw this picture he said that it reminded him of "The Waltons". He said, "There's John Boy, etc." I love it!
This is another picture of all six of my babies. It's really hard to get one with all of them still, or happy, or focused (at the same time).......but, I think this one is great. I visit so many blogs each day and I cannot remember who said this to give them credit, but...."Children are rainbows and Grandchildren are the pots of GOLD!"

This is so true!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


We came home late Friday night to keep our three grandsons for our daughter and her husband to go to the Alabama football game yesterday. The weather was so nice and pretty cool late in the afternoon, so we decided that we would roast some hotdogs last night. My DH cut some sticks and they got an old swing to sit on and the roasting began!! As we were eating the hotdogs, I asked the boys if they had ever had s'mores. They all said, YES! Zack said, "We have them for breakfast sometimes!" He was talking about the S'mores Pop Tarts! I told them that we could make some by taking graham crackers, Hersey chocolate bars, and roasted marshmallows. They had never done this. (I was really happy about this because I wanted it to be something special). They knew all about roasting marshmallows, and as each one had his marshmallow just right for melting the chocolate, I had the crackers & Hersey bar ready. All three boys loved the s'mores.

This is Zack right before he took his first bite. He said, "Um,um....this is SO GOOD!" Of course, most little boys love sitting around a fire outside. The s'mores made it a whole lot better and made some memories of eating s'mores that didn't come from a box!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Girl's Bedroom and An Award

I promised I would show you pictures of Breanna's room after I worked in there so that's what I'm doing. I'm really disappointed with my camera because I made so many pictures trying to get the fabric for the curtains to show but all I got was light coming through the window (there are blinds on the window and the curtains are lined). I don't know what my problem was! This bedroom was part of their garage several months ago. After the third little girl arrived, they needed another bedroom so......My son took part of their garage and made this room. I think it turned out great and gave them a fourth bedroom. The room is narrow but long. One entire side is shelves and a place to put her TV and computer. The fabric for the curtains is pink with just a speck of tans & white. I had to go with that because of the bedspread she already had.
If you look on her bedside table you will notice the plaque with a B that I made. This is one that I copied awhile back from Joy. If you visit her I promise you will get almost an idea a day!!!! Instead of using scrapbook paper on the back, I used a piece of the fabric from the curtains and used Mod Podge. I think it turned out great. Look at this next picture.
Kristen did this for Breanna when my son and his wife first adopted her. She has done a wall hanging for almost all of my grandchildren and they are all unique to each child's liking (ballerina, baseball, etc.). She has started selling these so if you are interested check her site and leave her a comment. These are wonderful!

Carolyn at Cranberry Crossings has given me this award. I am quite honored. I love reading Carolyn's blog every day. I am supposed to name 6 bloggers to pass this award to. This is very hard because I noticed that some have already received the award and I want to try not to give it to someone who has just gotten it. I really think all of you should receive it but these are the ones I have chosen:
  1. Darlene from Darlene's Days. I love reading about her family and she has helped me so much.
  2. Angie from The Happy Homebody. This is a talented girl! She loves red, roosters, and can take anything and make something beautiful.
  3. Kristen from The Family Fields. Kristen is the one who made the Breanna wall hanging....VERY talented. She writes about her life as a mom and I love her honesty.
  4. Shannon from Bless Our Nest. I love reading her blogs and seeing how organized she is. When someone decorates their laundry room you know they have it all together!!
  5. Amy from A Beautiful Disaster. Amy is my daughter and although she says she doesn't get to blog as much as she would like (because she's a mom to three & teacher), is so talented and writes from her heart.
  6. Sharon from A Second Helping. Sharon is a brand new blogger. Although she has only posted a few times, I have already listed her as one of my favorite places to visit. You'll see why!


Thursday, October 16, 2008


We went to the fair tonight and it was much bigger than I expected.  This is a picture of my son and me holding my sweet granddaughter, Emma.  We just walked out their front door and I got my camera out of my purse and said I had to have a picture.  Bloggers understand that you don't go anywhere without your camera!  

This is my husband holding Emma with our son.     More about the fair.....I really don't know what I expected but it was more!  People were everywhere and I had a chance to walk through the crafts (but didn't buy a thing).  It helps to have a baby with you!  There was a huge stage area that was really packed out.  Clay Walker was the entertainer tonight and Percy Sledge will be there tomorrow night ("When A Man Loves A Woman") I can't imagine where they'll put the people if more come out then.  We walked around and saw the animals and Emma LOVED them.  
She wasn't afraid of the cows at all and grabbed the rope while her daddy had her close by.
They had the cutest little donkey that she sat on.  She looked up and smiled but my camera takes delayed pictures and I missed the smile.  After we left the animals we walked and looked around some more.  Then we had to have some food at the fair.  Any thing you could possibly want was available.  It was really a fun night.  
By the way.....I worked on Breanna's room today.  I found the fabric for her curtains and I'll have to be finished by tomorrow because we have to go home tomorrow night.  I will make pictures and post about that project later.


I have a busy Thursday planned and hope to get everything done that I have on my "to do" list.  My DH is painting our oldest granddaughter's bedroom and I want to find some fabric today and make her some curtains. (There's only one window in the room so I think this is something I can do).  My daughter-in-law told me before leaving that I could do whatever I wanted with Breanna's room.  That's fun for me---however, with an 8 1/2 month old, there's not much time to get things done. and tomorrow will be spent trying to fix that room to make it look a little different for her.  Also,  we're going to the Fair tonight.  Yes....Gigi and Granddaddy are's been ???? years since we've been to a fair.  Chris, our son, says this fair is one we'll enjoy.  It is the Washington Parish Free Fair.  (He said that means you don't pay to get in, but pay for everything inside!) I know they dismiss school for several days where it is located so it has to be a big deal.  I'm looking forward to a candy apple and seeing some of the crafts.....DH says he thinks there's a chance of rain in the forecast and I think he may be praying for that!  I can't believe he wouldn't want to go to the fair!
      I received an award and have chosen those I want to pass this on to but can't get the award to upload (this is the first problem I've had with my son's computer that I couldn't fix).  If I can't get it to work while I'm here, I will be sure and send the award to six of you when I get home this weekend.  Guess I better go get busy on Breanna's room!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Since yesterday's post was successful I'll try another one today.  (I still do not like laptops!)  Our son played all three sports in high school, but baseball was his love.  In fact, he was blessed to receive scholarships to help pay for college by playing baseball.  Needless to say, he had (and still does have) an abundance of t-shirt with school mascots from high school, junior college, college, and coaching.  Last year I decided that I would take some of the old t-shirts and cut the front and make him a quilt.  (I will say right off that this is not making a true quilt like I want to learn to make.  My mother made beautiful patchwork quilts)  I took t-shirts he had left at home from high school and his wife found some to give me that were in pretty bad shape.  I only had eight shirts (guess I could have put his little league shirt on there to make it nine) so I didn't know what I could do).  I took my monogram machine and came up with the middle square.  See it  below.
I think it was a surprise to him.  Last night I made a picture so I could post about it today.  One day I'll be showing you a "REAL" quilt that I have made.
We're having a wonderful time with Emma.  I'm already dreading saying good-bye.  That's the worst part of coming to visit.....but it's not long until Thanksgiving and they will be home then!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm trying my luck at posting from my son's computer....two things are against me. First of all--it is a laptop and I'm not used to that.  My fingers will suddenly be on the wrong letters and I hate the fact that it doesn't have a mouse.  (It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!)  Second thing--his computer is a mac and I didn't even know how too get online at first.  I didn't know what safari was (thought it meant desert).  If this post goes through I will be pleasantly surprised!   We arrived in Louisiana about 10:00 last night and the two oldest girls were still up waiting on us.  We were met with lots of hugs and kisses.  They left early this morning to fly to Disney World and we are having a great time with baby Emma.  This is one sweet girl---I wouldn't be prejudice at all--but she is so darn cute and the best baby I've ever seen.  When it's time for a nap or bed, you just put her in her bed.  Neither of mine were that easy!  Anyway.....the picture above was made at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday.  I think it's beautiful AND I wanted to be sure I could send a post.  I hope to be able to let you know what fun we're having every day!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


My husband and I are leaving this afternoon to spend the week with our son in Louisiana. We'll get to be with all three granddaughters tonight but the oldest two (ages 7 & 3) are flying with their mom and other grandparents to Disney World tomorrow. We'll be keeping the baby (8 months) while our son teaches school this week. I'm taking my camera and if I can get the pictures to post to his computer I will have to show you all the fun I'll be having this week. I'll miss spending time with the older two, but they will be having so much fun with Mickey Mouse. They are going to be able to Trick or Treat at Disney World....a child's dream!! Grandchildren bring us so much happiness. We are blessed that we live close to our three grandsons but only get to see the girls about every six weeks-- so this week will be spent with as much spoiling as you can give a baby!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today might have been my very best day for finding things to help me begin my prim decorating. I left early this morning knowing there was a huge yard sale at an antique mall close to where I live. I had every intention of shopping there for the first hour (7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.) and head on over to Rhoda's yard sale. When I got to the antique mall yard sale, many vendors were already in full swing but some were just unloading (this was in addition to what was inside). There were SO MANY great buys until I had a difficult time. I found the two jugs and smaller crock first and bought those. I really thought I got them for a good price---you have to realize that I am really new to collecting primitive anything so.....I paid $3.00 for the smaller crock, $3.00 for the jug with the writing and $8.00 for the other jug. I knew it was old so I was willing to pay that. I took these items to my truck and on the way back I ran into two of my friends---Holly and her daughter Kristen. Holly has a log cabin (Lord, help me not to covet) and Kristen's home could be in a magazine. They both can take anything and make it beautiful! We all began shopping together and I found a vendor with the middle sized crock....he said it could be mine for $5.00. I took that to my truck also. Kristen found some neat things as we looked around. I also bought a wooden shutter that I'll post later. I came home and painted it before I made the picture because my sweet sister-in-law bought me an old feed sack last week and I didn't have anywhere to display it. I'm thinking that I am going to hang it across the shutter. Well....we go inside the mall and the first booth we look in has the BIG crock sitting there. I look at the price and it said "$4.50" . I looked at Holly and said, "Is this $4.50 or $45.00? We couldn't believe the price so I grabbed it right then. The only thing that I see is there is a hairline crack at the top of the back....I DON'T CARE!I'm so excited because I finally have something for my start! Now...some of you great prim decorators. Tell me what to do with them!!!
Two other things I couldn't pass by....look at this pillow made from a beautiful OLD quilt.....$1.00!!! The wooden tray was $3.00. I'll change the color but I loved the tray. Needless to say....I spent all my "yardsale money" at one stop today and didn't make it to Rhoda's. I'm sure she had some wonderful buys and I hate I missed her sale and meeting her in person.

Friday, October 10, 2008


As I have stated in earlier posts, I'm not good at thinking of original ideas at all. In fact, there are times that I almost feel guilty because I copy so many of your wonderful ideas. Joy amazes me at the number of new creations she shows--I know she could write a book for a creation for each day of the week! This past week I thought back to my teaching days and remembered once when I painted some of the gallon sized cans to put my trick or treat candy in to put on my desk. So off to the store I went to buy a gallon of green beans (just for the can). The beans really didn't go to waste because that's one vegetable ALL of my grandchildren will eat. I also thought I'd try a smaller version while I was doing this project so I took a regular size soup can. I did have my DH drill a small hole on each side of the cans to put a wire through. I sprayed a primer on them first---don't ask me why---I've just read that a bunch of you do that first so I've started it also!! Next I painted them orange and after that dried I painted a little jack-o-lantern face. I know some of you could really make these look good but they work for me! Then I tied a little ribbon on the side of the wire and filled them with candy. We don't have a huge number of trick or treaters out here so I thought I might save my cans this next week and make some of the smaller ones to give to those who do come trick or treating. I'm sure there are other things you could do with these. This is one other idea that came to my mind . See the picture below.

This is one creation that definitely costs nothing, (if you already have the paint on hand), and most of us have an ample supply of paint!!!
Also....I must encourage everyone to go see the movie Fireproof. I think I might have led you to believe that my DH and I are frequent movie goers.....not quite. I can't remember the last movie we saw at a theater. However, we both recommend this movie to everyone. We teach a Sunday school class for moms and dads and we are going to see if the class would like to go. I think it would make a change in your lives.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I've been wanting to see this movie since the day it opened and for various reasons we have been unable to go. When I got home from work a little bit ago my DH asked me if I wanted to go to the movie. Of course I do!! It's always special when your husband takes you somewhere (even if you had suggested it weeks back) when it is unexpected. I realize that tomorrow is Friday--- and that means there is a ballgame he wants to see (he coached for 29 years), but I'm happy he realized that tonight would be a good night for the two of us to do something I would enjoy. I do have a great husband and I thank God for him every day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have had several of you ask that I post pictures of the cotton fields around my house so made a few pictures to show you what I see when I look across my front yard and also to the side of my back. At first I thought who in the world would be interested in seeing fields of cotton but then I realized how much I enjoyed seeing Linda's pictures and posting of bittersweet. I didn't have a clue what bittersweet looked like growing (and there is absolutely none to be found around here), so this is for all of you who have no idea what fields of cotton look like before it is harvested (or picked, as we say in the south). As I sat here waiting for my pictures to upload my mind went back MANY years ago to when I was just a little girl. Our house sits on land that my family farmed and as a child I spent much time in the fields (not working ---but playing and having such a good time). I remember seeing the cotton picked by hand--not machinery--and being brought to the wagons to weigh. After it was weighed the long sacks were dumped in the cotton wagon and off they went to pick some more. There was this long board that stretched across the top of the cotton wagon that you stood on to "shake" the cotton out of the sack into the wagon. As a little girl I would get on that board and jump in the cotton over and over again. Those days were fun for me but I am sure my family had to look at those LONG rows of cotton and think they were never ending! The cotton wagon would stay in the field until it was packed full (my jumping on the cotton helped to pack it, I'm sure) and then it would be taken to the gin. This was another experience I remember.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pictures of the cotton that is almost ready to be picked. As I sit here the verse in the Bible keeps coming to me....."the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few" . I know from my list of blogging friends that you love the Lord. May this be a reminder to all of US that there is a huge harvest out there and we need to work hard to get it harvested!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I wanted to show you some pictures of my mums that our church recently sold for missions. These are absolutely beautiful. This fund raiser was very successful....491 mums were sold. I took these pictures late this afternoon and the colors aren't as pretty as the mums really are but you get the idea.
You know from an earlier post that I dress my bunny for different months or events. I dressed him in over-alls and a flannel shirt for fall (I do have a Halloween costume that I found at the Thrift store that he'll be wearing before long). Mr. Bunny greets all my visitors as they start up the steps toward my sidewalk.

This is the front of my house. You can see the hose stretched across the yard going to my rose bushes. It is so dry right now and I'm having to water them. I didn't take the time to move the hose before making this picture. I don't have any pictures yet of the leaves turning on the trees but it is beginning to look like fall with the mums and pumpkins.


One of my favorite people to visit each day is Tammy at Country Girl at Home. She is so creative and has a husband who can build whatever she dreams up!! Today is her 100th post and look what she is giving away. I love this little table and want to win it (along with the other goodies), but I'd be selfish if I didn't give you the chance to get your name in the drawing also. All you have to do is visit her blog by clicking on her name and leave her a comment saying that you want to be entered for the drawing. Hurry because she is going to draw a winner this week. I'm sure you will make her site one of your favorites also.
I will probably post again tonight (twice in one day!!!!) and show you my beautiful mums.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This has been a very busy and fun weekend with my son and his family home from Louisiana. Today was my husband's birthday so we celebrated all weekend! Of course I have already told you that my DIL and I went to Homestead Hollow on Friday while my husband and son kept their three girls. My daughter wasn't able to take a day off from school to go with us because it was Homecoming and the parade festivities would be too much to leave with a substitute. On Friday night we all went to the football game. My husband coached football there for 29 years before retiring a few years ago. We saw many former students and friends and enjoyed the victory. On Saturday we had a friend, who is a wonderful photographer, come here and make pictures of all the kids (all six of them). She made pictures outside, in the cotton fields, on the railroad tracks, and in the pastures. I cannot wait to get these and of course, being a proud grandmother, will share some with you.
Now for the table setting....I got the idea from Susie for my dining room table. She posted this several weeks back and I found my placemats and napkins at the thrift store for a very cheap price. I got the pumpkins at the dollar store and the centerpiece is just Indian corn and gourds and pumpkins from the produce stand......very simple.....but very fall!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homestead Hollow

Yesterday my daughter-in-law and I went to my favorite fall arts and crafts festival--Homestead Hollow. It is located in the neatest place where the past is brought back to life. This is a picture I took from the entrance while waiting to go in. As you can see the mums were absolutely beautiful.
There were various old buggies around for you see the mode of travel years ago.
On site is an old log cabin and inside there was a demonstration of how to spin cotton. You can see some school children (that some foolish wonderful classroom teacher) brought for a class trip. Seriously, the children were well behaved, but I can't imagine bringing a class here to have to keep up with, when there were so many other people!
This is the kitchen area of the log cabin. Pancakes are being prepared and each person who passed through was able to sample a small piece. DELICIOUS! I loved seeing the way they had the cabin furnished. Also, on the front porch there was someone making cornshuck dolls. Out back was a smoke house, a small garden, and chicken house.....made you see how simple (but hard) life was many years ago.

The crafts were wonderful. I can't believe I didn't make any pictures. I bought a wool pillow that I'll post about later and some cute little seasonal shirts for my granddaughters. The longest line of the day was for the fried pies....VERY LONG....but well worth it. I came home with fried apple, peach, coconut, sweet potato, pecan, and chocolate pies. WHAT A FUN DAY WE HAD!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I don't have any completed projects to post today so I thought I would write some facts about me that you may or may not find interesting. I got this idea from Darlene while reading her blog this morning. I know I enjoy reading what you write about yourself so here goes.....
  1. I don't mind buying groceries, but I HATE bringing the groceries from the car and putting them away.
  2. I don't mind putting dirty dishes in my dishwasher, but I dislike taking the clean dishes out and putting them away.
  3. I don't mind washing and folding clothes, but I hate putting the folded clothes where they belong. (seems like I have a problem with putting thing in their proper places!!!)
  4. I really don't like eating a meal out of a paper plate--I know it would prevent me from having to wash (and put away) a plate but I would rather have that "real" plate.
  5. It is rare if I don't make my bed before I leave the house in the morning. I just feel better if my bed has been made up.
  6. I love holidays....especially Christmas and get excited about decorating. Last year I had a tree in every room (they were not all big trees, but I did have one in all the rooms). I plan on doing the same again this year and I can show you pictures.
  7. My favorite food is vegetables from the garden---peas, corn, fried okra, tomatoes, cornbread. I'm definitely a country girl.
  8. I'm not picky about food...will eat just about anything other than buttermilk and raw oysters. I'll eat them fried but not raw....yuck!
  9. I worry too much...I know that it's wrong to worry and I am trying to do better. I want to make everybody happy but I'm learning that I can't do that either. Guess I'm learning alot in my old age!
  10. My family is the most important thing in my life (other than pleasing God). I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren.
  11. I don't consider myself to be "creative" but I will try any project that I have seen. I wish I could come up with these wonderful ideas that you all have, but I'll just settle for copying right now.
  12. I love to laugh and have a good time with friends. Life is too short to dwell on the problems we have (and we will have problems).
  13. I love cats....have two of them.
  14. I am addicted to blogging....I have found friends that I must visit every day. know a little more about me. I'll be watching to learn more about you. I'm going tomorrow to a wonderful arts and crafts show. Can't wait!!!