Thursday, October 2, 2008


I don't have any completed projects to post today so I thought I would write some facts about me that you may or may not find interesting. I got this idea from Darlene while reading her blog this morning. I know I enjoy reading what you write about yourself so here goes.....
  1. I don't mind buying groceries, but I HATE bringing the groceries from the car and putting them away.
  2. I don't mind putting dirty dishes in my dishwasher, but I dislike taking the clean dishes out and putting them away.
  3. I don't mind washing and folding clothes, but I hate putting the folded clothes where they belong. (seems like I have a problem with putting thing in their proper places!!!)
  4. I really don't like eating a meal out of a paper plate--I know it would prevent me from having to wash (and put away) a plate but I would rather have that "real" plate.
  5. It is rare if I don't make my bed before I leave the house in the morning. I just feel better if my bed has been made up.
  6. I love holidays....especially Christmas and get excited about decorating. Last year I had a tree in every room (they were not all big trees, but I did have one in all the rooms). I plan on doing the same again this year and I can show you pictures.
  7. My favorite food is vegetables from the garden---peas, corn, fried okra, tomatoes, cornbread. I'm definitely a country girl.
  8. I'm not picky about food...will eat just about anything other than buttermilk and raw oysters. I'll eat them fried but not raw....yuck!
  9. I worry too much...I know that it's wrong to worry and I am trying to do better. I want to make everybody happy but I'm learning that I can't do that either. Guess I'm learning alot in my old age!
  10. My family is the most important thing in my life (other than pleasing God). I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren.
  11. I don't consider myself to be "creative" but I will try any project that I have seen. I wish I could come up with these wonderful ideas that you all have, but I'll just settle for copying right now.
  12. I love to laugh and have a good time with friends. Life is too short to dwell on the problems we have (and we will have problems).
  13. I love cats....have two of them.
  14. I am addicted to blogging....I have found friends that I must visit every day. know a little more about me. I'll be watching to learn more about you. I'm going tomorrow to a wonderful arts and crafts show. Can't wait!!!


Shelley said...

Mrs Garrett-
I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you have come up with. I feel the same about groceries, dishes and clothes. SRD

Picket said...

Oh my word...I could have wrote those exact same things!!!! lol lol (except I won't eat the oysters even if they are cooked) lol That is amazing that we are so much alike on those things...Bill use to tell folks that he was afraid to turn over in bed because
I'd have the bed made before he could turn back over!!! lol Great post girl...I love learning more about you! Have a beautiful day!

Darlene said...

OMG Sue...are we long lost sisters?!? My list could be basically the same!!! That is soooo neat!!! Loved learning a little more about you....cause YOU sound like

Thanks so much for the mention on your blog....I am feeling the bloggy love......

basketsnprims said...

I loved reading about your likes & dislikes. We share alot of the same, especially putting away groceries. Love goint to buy them, though.


jeremynsonya64 said...

I'll be at Homestead Hollow tomorrow too! I can't wait, I love that place, but I spend way to much money!!! Maybe I'll see ya there. ~Sonya

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I enjoyed reading about you Sue! Some could have been me...I don't like oysters either! My bed has to made too!

Jennie said...

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Cathy said...

Hey you were checking up on me? Thanks! I haven't posted anything...because I have been TOO busy! I get on and look at my messages, everyday....but then hop back off. I will be posting my whole story next week. Its a good one too!


Melissa Wertz said...

Sue, I am also the same about groceries, clothes (still have some in the dryer...) and dishes. But I love buttermilk! And buttermilk with hot cornbread!

I am with you on those oysters. yuck!

Debi said...

Sue am reading your post... but just wanted to let you know I tagged you!! Hope your having a wonderful day!!! Catch up with you again soon!!

Debi said...

Boy Sue dear,

You are really fast on the draw!! I just seen you left me a comment... thank you for your great ideas!! I appreciate the help!! As for the tag that is fine!! I hadn't gotten over to check yours today yet.... was hoping for some more insite!! I love that I am not the only one that doesn't like to put things away!!!
Thanks dear!!!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I enjoyed learning a little more about you. My problem is that I can't rest until I have finished what I started! So at times, this keeps me from starting things! LOL!

This Country Girl said...


That was so fun reading the truths about you! Alot of yours sound similiar to mine! I enjoyed that post!

Hhave a great weekend!

Tricia said...

Hey, Amy said you and Amy went to Homestead Hollow today. What did you get other than an apple pie? LOL I also can't wait to see your post of the family that Kamin makes. Have a great weekend.

Angie said...

I enjoyed finding out some things about you. I can relate to some of those chores you said you hate to do! I am the same way as you about Christmas. I love it! It's going to be so fun seeing yours and everyone else's decorations!

Daphine said...

Hi Sue,
I came across your blog tonight while visiting another one. I'm glad that I did. I really enjoyed reading this. A lot of your truths sound almost identical to my own list. I stayed a little while to visit. Your blog is very interesting and I plan on returning soon.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I beg to differ with #11~ I think you are very creative Sue. Your house shows it. Your front yard shows it... You are Mrs. CREATIVE and classy to boot!