Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Girl's Bedroom and An Award

I promised I would show you pictures of Breanna's room after I worked in there so that's what I'm doing. I'm really disappointed with my camera because I made so many pictures trying to get the fabric for the curtains to show but all I got was light coming through the window (there are blinds on the window and the curtains are lined). I don't know what my problem was! This bedroom was part of their garage several months ago. After the third little girl arrived, they needed another bedroom so......My son took part of their garage and made this room. I think it turned out great and gave them a fourth bedroom. The room is narrow but long. One entire side is shelves and a place to put her TV and computer. The fabric for the curtains is pink with just a speck of tans & white. I had to go with that because of the bedspread she already had.
If you look on her bedside table you will notice the plaque with a B that I made. This is one that I copied awhile back from Joy. If you visit her I promise you will get almost an idea a day!!!! Instead of using scrapbook paper on the back, I used a piece of the fabric from the curtains and used Mod Podge. I think it turned out great. Look at this next picture.
Kristen did this for Breanna when my son and his wife first adopted her. She has done a wall hanging for almost all of my grandchildren and they are all unique to each child's liking (ballerina, baseball, etc.). She has started selling these so if you are interested check her site and leave her a comment. These are wonderful!

Carolyn at Cranberry Crossings has given me this award. I am quite honored. I love reading Carolyn's blog every day. I am supposed to name 6 bloggers to pass this award to. This is very hard because I noticed that some have already received the award and I want to try not to give it to someone who has just gotten it. I really think all of you should receive it but these are the ones I have chosen:
  1. Darlene from Darlene's Days. I love reading about her family and she has helped me so much.
  2. Angie from The Happy Homebody. This is a talented girl! She loves red, roosters, and can take anything and make something beautiful.
  3. Kristen from The Family Fields. Kristen is the one who made the Breanna wall hanging....VERY talented. She writes about her life as a mom and I love her honesty.
  4. Shannon from Bless Our Nest. I love reading her blogs and seeing how organized she is. When someone decorates their laundry room you know they have it all together!!
  5. Amy from A Beautiful Disaster. Amy is my daughter and although she says she doesn't get to blog as much as she would like (because she's a mom to three & teacher), is so talented and writes from her heart.
  6. Sharon from A Second Helping. Sharon is a brand new blogger. Although she has only posted a few times, I have already listed her as one of my favorite places to visit. You'll see why!



This Country Girl said...


Your grandaughter's room is darling! It looks fit for a princess! I love the personalization Breanna plaque and the initial plaque too! I might have to try that initial plaque!

And in the post below, I enjoyed seeing the fair pictures. Your Emma is precious! And you're right, bloggers have their cameras always (except ya know yesterday we went by the park and Jason was playing with Joy on the playground and I didn't have my camera..I couldn't believe it)!

I loved the picture of you have a warm friendly smile!

I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for all your faithful visits to my blog! I sure do enjoy your comments!


basketsnprims said...

That room is fit for a princess. I just love it and I bet she does, too. I have problems with my camera & the lighting, too. Enjoy the weekend. ~ Pam

Angie said...

Breanna's room is so cute and girly! I would have loved to have that room when I was little! Thank you so much for the award and sweet comments. You made my day!

Shannon said...

That room is so cute! I love the bedspread and all the colors!

You are so sweet to give me that award! Thank you so much!!!

Carol said...

Breanna's room looks so pretty. The curtains you made were the perfect finishing touch! Have a wonderful weekend. ;>)

FourOf5zs said...

The room looks great. I'm sure Breanna loves it. I love her name :-)

Darlene said...

Hi Sue,

Her room is adorable!! Great job on it. Her B turned out great and I love the plaque...cute, cute!!!

THANK YOU so much for my award and your kind words. I LOVE it and will post about it next week.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

So cute! A little girls dream, you did such a wonderful job on the curtains and plaques:) Such a great grammy!

Sharon said...

That room looks wonderful! You have really used a lot of wonderful ideas and a generous portion of your natural talent. I know Breanna will be very happy in that room for a long time. And thanks for the award! You are so kind. I must tell you, too, that I LOVE the new picutre of you home you have on the side bar. That old tree looks so majestic! And your home is so beautiful. I hope you know that is my dream house you are living in and big ole tree is just the icing on the cake. Thanks again and thanks for visiting my blog!

Stephanie said...

That is the cutest! I love it! I miss being able to decorate for the girls, now they do their own thing.....

Debi said...

Sue dear,
I love the room!! Your granddaughter is sooo lucky!!!

I read all of your award blogs.. Thank you for turning me onto some new ones.. and LOVED catching up with the others too!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful time!!

Have a wonderful weekend dear!! :D

Kristin F. said...

Thank you, Sue :). Breanna's room turned out precious and I'm flattered that her ballerina is still there... I've come a long way since then!

Your new pictures on the sidebar are adorable... we may come take family pictures at your house this year!

Picket said...

Morning girl..Love the new pics on your side bar! That room is adorable and I love all the little touches you have done...seeing that little Emma with those animals was was amazing that she wasn't scared! lol Congrats on the award so deserve it...I didn't know your daughter had a blog...I will go by and say hello! Take care sweetie and have a great Sunday1

Rambling Girl said...

Oh the room is adorable. There is just something about a little girls room.

Will have to check out the other blog sites you have named. Isn't it so nice to get to know so many wonderful woman.