Friday, May 1, 2009


We took a really quick trip to Louisiana this week to see these three precious granddaughters. It had been much too long since I was able to spend some time loving on them. I can tell you that it is worth driving six hours on Tuesday and returning Thursday morning to see these sweet faces. The pictures were made at their daddy's baseball game Tuesday afternoon. Emma (above) had her first "sour straw" and loved it! She also loved laying in the grass. I'll have to tell you that she is a Gigi's girl...yes, she wanted me (and I loved every minute of it!)
This is Maddie. She looks so much like her daddy and is full of life. Every time she saw me making a picture she would strike a pose where she stuck her arms out. We are going back the end of May for her first dance recital. She told me that she would be "on stage".
Breanna has her own "sour straw". She loves to dance and is a pretty good gymnist. She will be eight years old later this month. I love these girls so much.....can't wait to see them again.


Connie said...

What beautiful girls. I would make that drive too. We have our first trip to Colorado planned for mid May to see our two grandchildren that moved recently. We Skype with them and that has helped grandma Connie bear not seeing them each week. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Connie

Lorrie said...

Sue I'm so glad you had this little getaway to see those sweeties! It was definitely worth the drive, I'd say!

Zaroga said...

They are beautiful and I'm glad you got to visit them.

the hearts of hartmann said...

They are so cute! Glad to hear you got to enjoy your visit :)

Nana said...

Too precious! The middle one really does look just like her daddy :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

They are beautiful!!!
I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit with them:)

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I'd say it was worth the drive as well. Your grand daughters are just precious! How wonderful you will go back for the recital. My daughter was thrilled when my parents made the drive to watch hers. She has not danced in 9 years, but she still talks about how my parents made the effort and my in laws didn't. It meant so much to her.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

hugs, Linda

This Country Girl said...

Sue....I bet you were in heaven with those girls! They're all beautiful and they look so sweet! You deserve to spoil them! I bet that dance recital will be precious to watch too!


Darlene said...

Your granddaughters are all so beautiful! I bet y'all had a great visit with them.♥