Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last Friday snow began falling here in central Alabama around noon and continued for several hours. I know that some of you have mega snow where you live, but it is a rare occasion here. If there is even a slight chance it is reason to celebrate. Most of the time we only see a few "flurries" during the winter season, or any snow that we might have comes during the night, and we miss seeing it. As you know, I had surgery on Thursday and could only enjoy it while sitting in a recliner looking out the glass door. My husband did go out and make pictures for me when it first started. The one above was from the front of the house.

The birds continued to eat and paid no attention to the snow. I love watching them and they seemed even prettier against the snow background.

Our grandsons walked over and were having a grand time playing in our yard. They even made three small snowmen after these pictures were taken.
This has absolutely nothing to do with snow, but I have to share my great news. My doctor called yesterday with the pathology report from my surgery....NO CANCER. I know that prayers were answered and I thank all of you who said a prayer for me.


The Buchanan Family said...

Awesome news of NO CANCER! your house looks so pretty in the snow!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Beautiful pictures but most importantly PRAISE GOD that there was no cancer . . . but you and your sweet daughter already knew that didn't you?

I woke up Saturday morning with you on my mind so I said a prayer for you. God brought you to mind several times!

Lorrie said...

What wonderful news Sue! I've been waiting and praying to hear those words. I hope you do something to celebrate this wonderful news!

Sharon said...

Great news, Sue! God is good all the time!

Sarah said...

What incredible news! And lovely pictures...enjoy the snow...for me I know I will have to live with it for 2 more months where I live!

Amber said...

Your house is always beautiful but even MORE so in the snow! Love it!

Amy texted me with the news yesterday. Thank you Jesus for the good report! So happy to hear it.

Kele@ said...

Oh my! It is beautiful, your house could be on a card or something...gorgeous!

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