Friday, March 19, 2010


I really like spring because I enjoy working outside. Yes, I really enjoy the dirt and planting flowers and watch them as they grow. Yesterday I received the BEST surprise from my neighbor. Look at these CUTE shoes. Do you not love them??? They are so comfortable and all you have to do is just hose them off. I love them so much that I have them on a work's casual day. Thank you so much, Sally. You really know when I need a "pick me up".


Ann's Page said...

Love those,,,how cute.


Sharon said...

I do really love those and if you can just hose them off....well that's even better. I know you put them to good use on this beautiful day in the yard. Pictures to come, I'm sure, of what you planted today.

Angie said...

So cute! I need to get me some too!

BS HONEY said...

Love the shoes, must be great for inside and out. Wonder where she found them. My poor old Clogs have about had enough hosing off, and I'm ready to start spring with something cute for my gardening,and HOSING.

God Bless,

Connie said...

I love them!!!