Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We had a SWEET weekend. We spent Thursday, Friday, and some of Saturday with our son and his family in Louisiana. While there we saw several places that was selling strawberries and decided to buy some on our way home. They had the car smelling like berries by the time we got home. After eating a few/many and making a delicious strawberry cobbler, I made 12 jars of strawberry jam.

It was indeed a sweet visit.....not only the delicious strawberries, but loving on three precious little girls.


April said...

Wow...do those berries ever look GOOD! You know, it's funny because Chris works in LA. a lot and he said that they're known for their strawberries. He's promised to bring some home the next time he's down there...I can't wait!

duree26 said...
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duree26 said...

I just came across your blog...It is so sweet. Would I be able to get your recipe for your Strawberry Jam? I have never made it before but this year my daughter and I would like to try...Thank you