Saturday, March 7, 2009


It has been quite some time since I have posted---TOO LONG but I really needed the time out. I felt as if I didn't have any interesting things to write and I sure didn't want to bore you. Also...things are busy at work (I'm secretary at church) and at home. It's really good because it means that out church is growing and I am staying extremely busy at work. Warmer weather at home means time to get ready for planting so I have had much to do. However...we did have our ONE snow for the year last Sunday and I was so excited. I know that you have seen pictures from other bloggers of our Alabama snow. Many of you who live up north think that the snow we got was nothing...but when you only see snow once a winter (if that) you get excited over two inches! Although I haven't posted I did try to read your blogs as much as possible. I'm sure I won't post daily---maybe three times a week (unless there is something really exciting happening), I hope to be back with you. I want to show you what I have made. Of course it's for the three granddaughters in Louisiana.
The picture isn't true to color....dresses are teal and the ribbon is hot pink. I know it looks red. Their mom dresses them so cute and buys the Kelly's Kid clothes but after our trip last week and keeping them while mom and dad were away....I saw how they want to wear dresses even for play. These will be perfect. I also made the white ones below for the beach. Our family goes every summer and we ALWAYS make the beach pictures with the kids wearing white so these should work just fine. The fabric is white seersucker and is so soft.
m making four of these). They have a cousin who goes to the same preschool as Maddie. I'll show pictures when they are finished but get ready for BRIGHT colors. The fabric has Easter eggs and jellybeans all over it. I want to get these in the mail Monday so I hope to finish them tonight and tomorrow afternoon after church.


Kimberly said...

Sue. those are so sweet! I love them!
Have you gotten your book from Cheryl? I can't wait to see your first project out of it...
Blessings, Kimberly

This Country Girl said...

Funny, I was just thinking of you this morning, Sue! I was thinking how bad of me to not have been by your blog for awhile...then I look on here and there you are!

Those dresses are beautiful! Both sets are so pretty! Joy just loved them! Do you ever make any to sell? We would love to have a white one especially because I like to do photographs in black and white and we love a white dress for this! I bet the beach pictures are so pretty in those dresses!

What lucky grandchildren to have a grandma that sews for them like you!

Welcome back!

P.S. - We got the snow too! :)

April said...

We've missed you, Sue, but completely understand your decision for being away for awhile. Those dresses are too sweet! I'd love to see your granddaughters wearing them!

linda said...

Welcome back! I can only imagine how busy a church secretary would be...busy, busy, busy I'm sure.

The dresses are precious. How lucky your granddaughters are that their grandmother sews!

Tami said...

Welcome back!!!
What cute little the blue and pink!!

Have a great day!

Zaroga said...

Sue... don't worry about taking time off. I do that sometimes too.

Those are just the cutest dresses!

Connie said...

Glad to see you're back with an update. I've had to take a break too...too much life going on each day and not enough time to do it all. Glad to see you're up to good things. Connie

Barbara said...

I am new at blogging and stumbled on your site, just in time to see those adorable dresses. I know they will love them. Do you make any to sell? I enjoyed visiting your site, thanks for sharing.

codie lee said...

ok.. first let me say... I MISSED YOU!

second... i love love love those dresses!!! love.

third... i am gonna need you to make me some for my little girl in like 17 years... haha...

fourth... you should make them to sale... seriously!

fifth.. i am so glad to have you back and i love you!