Monday, June 1, 2009


Sure wish my photography skills/camera was better! Remember the old grocery buggy from several posts back. Here it is today with different plants growing in it. I put moss in the bottom to keep the soil from falling through and planted these shade loving plants. They are already showing signs of growth since last week when they were first planted. I had intended to plant something on the bottom rack of the buggy but couldn't find a way. I may just put a tray on there to hold things I may need. I think it'll really look good when the ivy starts spreading.
Here's the old wheel barrow (flat tire and all). It is amazing how much beauty plants bring to old objects.

I'll admit that I don't usually have fresh squeezed lemonade on the table, but my husband was working on a project for the weekend and I fixed a pitcher for him. I told him not to pour any in his glass before I could make my came first!!! We're having a churchwide fellowship here on Saturday and he has been making some games that we'll play. I will be sure and post about it later.


Anonymous said...

mr. bob will be so proud!


Darlene said...

I always LOVE seeing things planted in old wheelbarrows and I love that old cart! Your lemonade looks so refreshing! I LOVE that tablecloth.....I have been loving vintage tablecloths lately!

Tami said...

How the old grocery cart....the foliage is gorgeous!!

Have a great week!!

Zaroga said...

Charming is the first word that comes to mind with the entire scene. You are so creative!

April said...

I love what you've done with the wheelbarrow, Sue. Oh, that lemonade looks scrumptious!

This Country Girl said...

Oh how inviting it all looks with the flowers and the pitcher of lemonade! I love to see flowers in a wheelbarrow especially, but I do love that grocery basket of flowers too!

Have a great day, Sue!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I am still finding my way around blogland....I always love making new friends..I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by. Commenting automatically puts you in the drawing for the June giveaway.

Picket said...

Ohhhh I love it all...I have an olf wheel barrel out back and I need to do something like that in it...of course I don't have the cute little grocery cart like you which is my favorite but I got a seed plow I could use! lol Girl you'd thing these hubbys would know by now not to touch nothing until they first ask if it's been blogged proofed! lol lol Have a great weekend sweetie! ~♥~

Kele said...

Love all of it!!! I have been loving my back yard the last few days... everything is growing and the birds are coming around, a beautiful cardinal came by yesterday and I wasn't quick enough with my camera!!!
FRESH lemonade?!?! How yummy!