Tuesday, June 9, 2009


On Saturday we had a church wide fellowship at our house. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we had a great number to come.....I counted 87 but might have missed someone. We (my husband) grilled hotdogs and each family was to bring either a salad, dessert, baked bean dish and drink. Oh my goodness at the food!!! We had horseshoes, a bean bag toss, football toss, and cornhole game. This is a game I found directions for making online and my husband made. It was quite a hit! I think we'll enjoy playing it ourselves when no one is here.

Look at the picture of the table of sin (dessert table).....OH MY!!! There were so many choices and all (that I tried) were delicious! Don't you just love having so many choices? I think that I must try some of all.....so I won't hurt anyone's feelings, right??

Salads and beans! There were salads I had never tried before and they were yummy, too! Grape salad, corn salad, sweet potato salad are some new ones for me! I had a wonderful time with my church family. We are having a fellowship each month during the summer. I'm already looking forward to the one in July....more good food and fun!


April said...

If that's your home in the background of the first picture, I am so envious(in a GOOD way, of course!). It is beautiful with that front porch and all! We're moving to the Mobile, AL. area next summer and that's exactly thd kind of house I'd love to have!

Oh, that food...I won't even go there! :)

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, that food looks awesome! Don't you just love living in the south? :-)

You're so brave to have that many people over but if I had your beautiful home I'd want people to be able to enjoy it too!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sue, You brought back such wonderful memories for me. I was raised in a church of about 100 to 150 people-I went there for probably 20 years-They were my family. But we moved and the churches over here are BIG and not personable! I so miss events like what you had at your home! (We used to hold them at our home too)

It looks like what I would call, The Perfect Day!!!

Thanks for the memories!
P.S. You have the perfect place for this-Your place is beautiful

Darlene said...

What a GREAT time with all your church friends. Your home looks like the perfect place to host it also. YUMMMMMM...look at all that food!!!

This Country Girl said...

That looks like SO much fun, Sue! There were lots of cars in the background! Wow! Your home made a nice place for the gathering! And that is quite a table of "sin"! I agree! That was nice of ya'll to host such a great fellowship for your church!

Your home looks wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Hi there! Im so glad to be back in Blogland , I have missed so much! Thanks for coming by to send me wishes- I'll be back soon !
(formerly Hearts of Hartmann)

Katie said...

Okay...first things firsst...I want to move everything I own, including my family, to live on y'all's front porch. Please tell me I can. ;o)

And the table of sin...oh mercy! Anytime I'm at a potluck, I always eat a little bit of everything. I just can't help myself! I don't know that I've ever had a grape salad before!! I'll have to track down a recipe for that.

That is so wonderful that you have a place that is suitable for hosting your church family for a day like that! It looks like so much fun!

Cornhole Express said...

It looked like you had a beautiful day for your event. Isn't cornhole a fun family game. Nice post!