Tuesday, August 11, 2009


33 years ago today God blessed my husband and me with a beautiful baby girl. We had no idea before her birth if this baby would be a boy or girl because they didn't do ultrasounds then unless there was a problem. I had gone to my regularly scheduled appointment and my doctor decided I was ready and wanted to send me straight to the hospital. My husband coached football and I had to call and get him off the football field to come to the hospital. Amy entered the world several hours after he arrived and we both were so excited to have a girl. In fact, we only had a girl's name picked out. She has brought us so much joy....is the best mother....best writer.....and a wonderful teacher. Amy had her second teacher work day before the children come later in the week so I cooked dinner for her tonight. Of course it had to be her favorites.
We had chicken casserole, rice, greenbean casserole, corn, fried okra, 7 layer salad, yeast rolls, and German chocolate upside cake (this was a new recipe). I will post the recipe another time because it was DELICIOUS!

The "birthday girl" had her own plate. You never know who will be eating from the "YOU ARE SPECIAL" plate, but there was no doubt tonight. Amy, YOU ARE SPECIAL and we love you so much!!!


April said...

Sue, it's easy to see that, not only are you a loving and doting grandmother, but a remarkable mother, as well. I pray that Amy has the best birthday ever! That meal you prepared looks phenomenal! Can you post the chicken casserole recipe, too...pretty please?

Sue said...

I WILL post the chicken casserole recipe for you. It is a dish I make often and I've never had anyone not like it. SO EASY!

Amber said...

I'm excited to see both recipes! I hope Amy had a wonderful day... and how could she not with all the yumminess you made for her?? You're such a good momma and Gigi!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a wonderful family she was born into!

I am so relieved to read that the mass was benign. What an awful wait that must have been!!

Looking forward to the cake recipe!
hugs, Linda

Zaroga said...

Happy birthday to Amy!

Vickie said...

Happy birthday to Amy! She must be a special daughter to you Sue. No matter how old we get, it's nice for our loved ones to rejoice that we are in their lives.

I appreciate so much your prayers and thoughts for my family during the loss of my aunt and uncle. They will be sorely missed.