Thursday, November 6, 2008


Some of you have already enjoyed the beautiful colors of fall in other states, but here in Alabama we are just seeing the full beauty of the foliage. Yesterday I left work to go to the Post Office and this tree caught my eye. There were no cars behind me so I slowed down (and always have my camera in my purse) to make a picture. You can even see my side mirror at the bottom of the page. I told my husband this weekend that I am seeing beauty more and more these days and perhaps it's because I'm getting older. I drove by his parents old "home place" over the weekend while I was out and the drive along the road was absolutely beautiful with trees making a canopy across the entire road at places. If we would only take the time to enjoy the beauty that is right before us!!!
I plan to have pictures tomorrow of a project "make-over". I have had to wait for paint to dry before making a picture. Hopefully....I can show you tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the beauty!


Darlene said...

We have had some beautiful Fall colored trees and yesterday the wind roared like I haven't seen in a while and tons of those leaves are blanketing the ground and all over the patio out back.

Lorrie said...

Oh Sue, I never get tired of looking at the gorgeous colors of Fall. Here where I live in North Carolina I think the leaves are coming to their peak. I think it's important to stop and take time to enjoy the beauty.

basketsnprims said...

thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture. Ours have been long gone but we have been enjoying such beautiful weather here in Mi. Can't wait to see "project makeover". Have a great day.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

It is amazing to me how you are just in the beginning of Fall and all the Fall colors and we here in Seattle are at the end ~ All the beautiful leaves have fallen from our trees and the rainy season has started.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo!

Janene said...

Sue~Thank you for visiting my blog.
I came back to yours to leave you a comment, and I just have to return to read the rest! I love your blog.
I will definately add you to my prim pals blog roll so that I can keep up with your posts.
Well, I have to back track now to read the rest.
Have a great day!


Rambling Girl said...

Beautiful! Your right in Georgia I am just starting to see more of the foilage.

OMGoodness you carry your camera around also. I do to! It reminds me to download some pics. I always wait forever to download them off my camera...Ok off to do that so I can post some pics I have.

Debi said...

Sue dear,

I love those pics of the season!! Here yesterday... we had 30 -80 mile per hour winds... (Storms) and now all of the trees here at home no longer have leaves!! :( They were absolutely beautiful this year!! Even thou I had to make my own ;-) I have enjoyed them all over the country side thou!

I am soo hoppy that you love all of your gifts!! I hope you enjoy all of them. :D Thank you for stopping by for a visit yesterday!!
I am going to hold off til tomorrow to post my 50th post!! (That way everyone can have all weekend to read!!) lol.

Hope your having a wonderfully blessed day!! (Its sure sounds like it!!) :D

Terry said...

Such a pretty little tree. I never get tired of seeing fall colors. Most of our color is fading, but our neighbors planted a little tree 3 yrs. ago, and it is the last to change around here. It gets reddish/orange like that, and I can see it from my kitchen.
I always carry my camera with me too Sue. I'm afraid I'll miss something if I don't. hahahaha!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Very pretty! I was out snapping pics here too. Fall is just now giving us a show and I am enjoying it immesely!

Have a great weekend! ROLL TIDE!