Sunday, November 16, 2008


I made it back from our Ladies Retreat late yesterday and must say we had a wonderful time. On Thursday night we went to a Murder Mystery Dinner and Friday night we did the Dinner Boat Cruise. Both nights were so much fun. I was tired when I got back, but it was great to spend time with the other ladies from our church. I haven't had a chance to check in with all of you but will do that for sure.
I want to show you something that I have been working on and and it really costs nothing (if you have these things already at home). When I taught school years ago, some of my co-workers and I made some of these and I have them hanging on my tree to this very day. I'm sure those of you who have a garden with okra will have the okra at the end of the season that usually just dries up. Perhaps you use these in arrangements---this is what I'm talking about girls.

I cut these pods of okra and I painted them red (sprayed them of course). It took two coats of paint.
Next I took some flesh colored paint and painted a spot big enough for a face. Then I took white paint and painted around the face to make a beard and hair (all the way around). I also made a place for white fur around the bottom of the okra.

When that dried I added some black eyes and a little red mouth. I also used a tiny pom pom for his nose but you could paint it also. At the tip of the okra I glued a larger white pom pom and a piece of ribbon to hang him on the tree. I'M NOT AN ARTIST at all so I am sure most of you could do a much better job but these are so cute. I have comments every year about my okra Santa's on the tree.
You can make quite a few at one time....just get your assembly line going.
This will be a busy week ....may put up a few Christmas decorations (everywhere but the den). Also, I'm mailing my stocking for my stocking swap partner tomorrow!! (I didn't forget you Debi). AND...if I post like I plan this week my 100th post will come at the end of the week and I have my giveaway ready...Be watching for that!


Lauren said...

How cute! I wish I had some okra to make these...the only kind to be found around here is frozen:( But I REALLY like these..very creative! Can't wait to see what you'll have in your giveaway...I know it will be great:) And I'm glad you had fun on your nice to get away before all of the craziness of the holidays. <3Lauren

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh my goodness, how I wish I had a bushel of okra right now! Those are marvelous. What a clever idea. I love them. You sure look like an artist to me.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Lea's right you sure look like an artist to me too:) Those are too cute, what a great idea!

I'm glad you had a great time on your retreat.

Debi said...

Oh Sue dear...
I LOVE THOSE ORNIES!!! Those are sooo cute!! I might have to plant some orka just for ornies!!!

I am soo glad to hear that you had a great time with your dear church ladies!! It is so nice to be able to get away!! :D

And as for my stocking... I am not worried dear. The antisipation has been a great build up to Christmas!!! I am soooooo excited!!! I feel like a little kid!! I haven't been this excited about Christmas in some time... but I think I like being soo excited about all the holidays!! :D
(I am wearing the BIGGEST smile these days!!) All thanks to you and Robin!! :D Thank you!!

I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear!!

Darlene said...

I knew you would have a GREAT time at the retreat! Those okra ornaments are ADORABLE!!!

Stephanie said...

How cute and I dont even like Okra! You are very creative!!
Hope you have a great week :)

Janene said...

What a neat idea!
Now if I could just find some okra!
I hope you post pictures of your Christmas decorating. I really enjoy seeing how others decorate for Christmas, it gives me new ideas.
Have a good weekend!

basketsnprims said...

I love those. We don't have any okra here in Michigan, either. They are just darling.

~ Pam ~

Carol said...

I love your okra santa idea. Hopefully next year I'll have a garden with okra & I can try to make some of my own. So glad you had a fun retreat!

Linda said...

So glad you had fun. I don't think I can even find Okra around here. I tried it several times when we lived in New Orleans but never liked it. I guess it is an aquired taste or maybe I needed to visit a better cook!

Sharon said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a safe and fun trip. The okra santa is precious!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I laugh at myself because when I saw the first plain dried up okra I thought you had lost your mind! Seriously I thought nothing good could come out of that okra!
I could not believe the next photo..It blew me away! I should have known that everything that you touch turns to gold! I think they are so adorable and would look so cute on my Christmas tree!
Thank you for sharing!
Robin~♥ (Who will never ever under estimate Sue again!) LOL!

Terry said...

It's so funny you posted this. I dried okra from my garden for a couple of weeks intending to make some garlands with them. I haven't had time yet, but with the extras, I can make these cute Santas!
Great idea!
Glad your retreat was so much fun!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Waht a cute idea! I love the natural look of dried okra too.

Sounds like you girls had an awesome retreat filled with fun activities!

Welcome home! And have a great week!

Rambling Girl said...

Welcome Home Sue! Love the ornament...I had some of these this summer so now I know what I can do with the leftovers...hehehe....thanks for the input, I never even could have imagine this. Love em!

Anonymous said...

They look so cute!