Monday, September 8, 2008


I see all your beautiful fall decorations and it makes me want my whole house decorated overnight....but it doesn't happen that way. I haven't brought my decorations from last year out of the attic, but I wanted to get something on my mantel now and this is what I did. This is the left side of my mantle. The picture above shows another idea that I got from Marie at Watch the Wind Blow By several weeks ago. She had taken an idea from a catalog where the blocks spelled SPOOKY and made her own. I had my husband cut the blocks and wanted to stamp something that I could use longer than just Halloween so I stamped the letters AUTUMN. These are just with the foam stamps I got at Hobby Lobby. You'll also see the grapevine pumpkin that someone bought for me for $0.50 at the last yardsale I went to. I am going to get some fall colored candles but it may be the weekend before that happens.
This is the right side of the mantle and it is so simple (like me). Just an old dough bowl with pumpkins and gourds, some berries in a crock, and a scarecrow. I wish I had some of Linda's real berries....just don't have them in Alabama.
This is the whole view of my mantle. It's beginning to look like fall at my house....especially with the smell of the new candle I bought at Wal-Mart. It is Paula Deen's Skillet Fried Apples. It may be one of my new favorites!!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Sue,
I'm like you...I want it done all at once! But like I'm like you...I know it won't happen all at once1
Yours looks great,

Amy said...

Isn't Skillet Fried Apples great? Did you smell Butterscotch Dip? I would have NEVER bought it, unless I smelled it. YUMMY! So, I bought them both! (plus Pumpkin Loaf)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Gee, I'm going to have to look when I'm at Walmart the next time for these great smelling candles! I usually don't buy at the cheaper stores for them because some make me nauseous when they are burning but I don't think Paula's would be that way, thanks for the tip!
I love your mantel and yes it does take more than a night to get it all decorated but wouldn't it be wonderful if it did:)

Linda said...

Hi Sue!

I love it. It's too bad bittersweet grows in such a small geographical area but thank goodness vines and berries are plentiful in the stores these days. We all do the best we can - right??

hugs, Linda

B J's Corner said...
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Tricia said...

Very cute Susie-Q! I have got to get busy and decorate too. I was in my favorite store over the weekend (Tuesday Morning) and couldn't get over how expensive bought decorations are. I'm for yard sales for this event too.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

It looks great! I want some bittersweet too, but none to be found down here. I guess we'll have to fake it! :D

Stephanie said...

It looks great, its so warm & cozy!
Thanks for sharing :)

Cathy said...

Hello ...Sue, Your Mantle looks great, I also want everything done right now!
Then I wear myself out trying to get it!


nadia said...

Like everything else, Sue - your fall decor is PAA-Recious! I love it all! :) LOVE your blog!

Amy said...

Your mantle looks great!! I love FALL!! It makes me so giddy!

Thanks for the tip on the candles.

Darlene said...

My comment I just posted is gone....:(... Anyway, what I said was I LOVE your Fall is great! I also bought some stamps and I like your Autumn...I may do Harvest or pumpkin....

Also, I am getting ready to go to Walmart and have the candle on my list...I do LOVE candles and light them constantly. Thanks for the new one to try.

Marie said...

Hey! Thanks for the 'shout out'! :o) I love what you did! I like the font on the stamps you used a lot. I'm going to have to find that candle at Walmart. Sounds like something I'd love!

Debi said...


I love your decorations!! I bought some of those very same ones!!! I have some of them in my crock on the shelves... I don't have a mantel :( I am getting mine done SLOWLY!!! My best friend and I were just talking about we should have been born Samantha Stevens- bewitched... lol... we could get everything done in a day!!

I am hoping to get some pics as I go... Hope your enjoying your Autumn... ours has been VERY RAINY!!!