Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm go see these beautiful granddaughters (and their mom and dad too)!! They were here Thanksgiving but always stay home for Christmas. With three little ones it is just too hard to travel and the girls need to be able to enjoy playing with the things Santa brings. Usually we go to visit them right around Christmas, but this year we waited until New Year's because we're also making it a family trip to the Sugar Bowl. ROLL TIDE!! My daughter-in-law's father was able to get enough tickets for our whole family to go to the game. My daughter and her husband and three sons will be going also. Pray for the baby-sitters who keep the kids during the game. I won't post again until we return but I hope each of you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


April said...

Oh, those are such sweet little granddaughters you have there, Sue! I bet you can hardly wait to see them! Have fun at the Sugar Bowl...ROLL TIDE!!! :)

Darlene said...

Morning Sue,

Oh, what a fun trip you will have!!! You will have so much fun playing with the little ones. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years!

Rambling Girl said... cute! I just love little ones!

Have a good time at the game....We play Michigan. UGA that is...I am sure you know who they are. lol

Have a safe trip and enjoy the New Year!

Kath said...

Hi Sue!

I am happy to have found you too!
What beautiful granddaughters!!! They are so sweet! Have a FUN time and a safe trip! Enjoy the game!!

Happy New Year to ya!
I wish ya many happy blessings in '09!


Ashley Waldrop said...

How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and at the bowl game! Roll Tide! and Happy New Year!

basketsnprims said...

Those little ones are just adorable, Sue. Have fun on your trip and at the big game. May you and your family have a very Happy New Year.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Such adorable granddaughters you have and I know they can't wait to see you:)

Have a wonderful time at the game too.

Lorrie said...

What beautiful little girls! Enjoy every minute with them! Have a very Happy New Years Sue! I've loved getting to know you through blogging.

Janene said...

Happy New Year Sue!
Wishing you a safe visit with your family.
See you in 2009!

This Country Girl said...


What a precious picture! Your grandaughters are adorable! Have a great time on your visit! I totally understand the prayer for babysitters too, when you are putting your children in their hands and I will pray too.

Happy New Year, Sue!


Stephanie said...

That is THE CUTEST pictures ever!! They are so sweet, you are very lucky to have such a sweet family! Will look forward to hearing about your trip !


codie lee said...

I am so jealous you are getting to go the game!!!! Yell roll tide roll for me and yall have fun! Tell the family I said hello down in LA!!

FourOf5zs said...

Have an enjoyable time!

Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Happy New year - I hope you had a great time!!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I am back !!!

Hope you have a fun time visiting those babies. I have had mine for the holiday season and I have loved every minute of it.

Happy New Year

Sharon said...

Well how wonderful!! Great family time on the way for you. Hope you have a great trip and a safe one, too. I'll be looking for you on TV. BTW, your granddaughters are just beautiful!!! Give out a big old Roll Tide for me!! ♥♥♥ Sharon

Tricia said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures. It sounds like you and your family are doing well.

Lauren said...

Have a wonderful trip, Sue! I know you will have such fun, both with the girls and at the game. Be safe! And Happy New Year:)

Nana said...

Have fun!! Hugs & kisses to Chris and his family! And yell ROLL TIDE ROLL a few times for me :)

Debi said...

Sue dear,
O how sweet!! I hope you enjoy those adorable little girls!! And their mom and dad too!! ;)
GOOD luck it the Sugar bowl too!! I will be waiting to see pics of how those beautiful little ones have grown! I hope you had a beautiful New Year too dear!!

Happy New Year to you too!! :D

Kele said...

Love their Christmas picture.
I know Amy is happy about going to that game, tell her hello and y'all have fun!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time with those beautiful grandchildren!

I just wanted to come over here (I've been on a blogging break) and say thank you so much for your prayers for my granddaughter...Sue you are so special to me.
I'm so glad I got to know you.
Have a happy and blessed New Year,

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Happy New Year. Beautiful grandchildren. Check out my blog and see my new twin grandsons.