Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I think my outside is finished except for the three wreaths that go on my upstairs windows. My husband has been sick and I'm not going to climb out on the roof to hang the wreaths! You'll see just how simple it is, but I am really pleased. I always put the garland on the bannisters.

This is the right side of my front porch. See my rocking chairs....those are really old. We got those chairs the year we built the house (1986) and I've spent many days sitting on my porch looking across the cotton fields. I might add that they were white for many, many years. There is a HUGE oak tree in the front yard and it shades the porch in the afternoon.

This is the left side of my porch. I love the old church pew. One of my old friends gave it to me years ago. She and her husband were about to go to Honduras as missionaries and she called and asked if I wanted this one (and another one that is an inside pew). I just repainted it this summer. Notice the shelves on each side of the porch. They are built from wood off an old barn.

Here's Mrs. Bunny! You know that I dress her for each month or whatever is happening (usually something I find at the Thrift Store). She has worn a bikini, Fourth of July attire, Back to school outfit, Halloween costume, and now her Santa hat. My grandkids love her!

My birdbath needed a little something so I brought out a birdhouse and added some greenery and pine cones. You see that you don't have to buy a thing to make it look a lot like Christmas....just use what you have or what is right in your yard.


Lauren said...

You home just looks wonderful! I love your front porch...I want a big front porch like that someday:) I'm a big fan of porch rocking chairs too...my Mimi has had them at her house for as long as I've been alive. Thanks for sharing your pictures..it all looks great! <3Lauren

Kath said...

Hi Sue!
Everything looks wonderful!
I Love your big front porch!!
Awh, Mrs. Bunny is too cute all deck out for the holidays! :)

have a beautiful day!

holiday hugs-

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Sue!

It all looks fantastic and so festive. I love your porch, the rockers, the quilt, and the old church pew. Thanks for sharing.


Lorrie said...

Sue I just love your outside decorations--and that big front porch with the rockers and bench! Your house could be a bed and breakfast! How fun that you dress your bunny seasonally. I bet the grandchildren really do look forward to it. It takes such simple things to make them happy sometimes, doesn't it?

Janene said...

Sue~Your home is beautiful!
That is the way I like to decorate, sweet and simple. I think that is best and the most elegant!
Thanks for sharing!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love everything...the birdbath is so cute. Your so lucky to have two church pews, would love to get one someday:)
Everything looks wonderful Sue.

April said...

You have the prettiest house...my dream home...I kid you not! It's exactly the kind of home I would like to have in the country one day. Very welcoming! The porch is my favorite! Love it!

All of your decorations are adorable!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sue your decorations are perfect for a country house - I love them. And you have inspired me. I have a pew outside and it doesn't show up at all so I'm going to paint it black like yours. :) blessings, marlene

Picket said...

Hey Sue...everything looks fantastic...I just love that big ol porch of yours...ohhhhh I love it! Those rockers and church pew are just the greatest things...I have an old long church pew in the garage....I would love to paint it black like yours! Hope your hubby gets to feeling better girl...take care friend!

Nancy said...

Hi Sue, Everything looks so beautiful! I love the bench on the porch and the bird bath is adorable.

Tami said...

It is all gorgeous!

Angie said...

I just love your type of home with the big porch and dormers! So welcoming! Love everything, especially that church pew!

Terry said...

I love it Sue. I would love a big front porch like that. The church pew is awesome.
I love the simplicity of your decorations. It looks perfect to me.
Miz Bunny is cool!


This Country Girl said...


Your house is gorgeous! I love the style and you have it decorated beautifully...I love simple and you do it well...I love the garland. Your porch looks very inviting! I love the church pew too!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Everything looks amazing Sue!
Hey I have two church pews too. They are actually from the church that I attended for years and years (till we moved) I asked Jesus into my heart in this church, dedicated all my baby's in this church and my two older kids were baptized by the pastor of this church...So my pews mean so much to me (there are many other wonderful memories that happened in this church but I didn't want to write a book in your comments section~♥)

Gran said...

Am I going to see your house on HGTV for the Christmas decor? I would not be surprised!

Amy said...

When we drove up the other day Griffin said, "Momtee...Bunny is wearing my shirt!"

Kele said...

Oh your porch looks soooo cozy. I am jealous, I would love to sit outside on a porch like that with a hot cup of coco!!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Your front porch is just breathtaking. I love the little chest. It adds such a nice touch. And the tree quilt on your rocker is beautiful! The entire setting just feels so peaceful. What a nice place to spend time.

Christmas blessings,

Shelley said...

I would love to sit on your porch and look across the cotton fields with you. I bet your grandbabies love it.