Saturday, December 27, 2008


The Christmas Bridal Shower/Brunch that I hosted was this morning and it was a huge success. I've never seen so many wonderful Christmas gifts! There were lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, dishes (three different patterns), napkins, cookie cutters, a Christmas apron, besides all the pretty things to just sit around for decorations. I'm sure I missed naming some of the things she did get. The picture above is of the beautiful bride to be holding up her Christmas apron.

I never remember to make a picture of the food before half of it has been eaten but there was plenty left!! We had breakfast casserole, ham & biscuits, cranberry/orange bread, cheese cubes, grapes, and fruit. One of the drink choices was a Mocha Punch that I promised I would post the recipe and I'll do that at the end.

Here's Ms. Bunny all dressed as a bride for the day! She was dressed in honor of sweet Kamin!
Here's the recipe for the famous Mocha Punch. This recipe was given to me several years ago by a dear friend and each time I make it there are many requests for the recipe.
Mocha Punch
(Serves 25-30)

1 gallon Vanilla Ice Cream
1 quart strong coffee (4 Tbs. instant coffee to
a quart boiling water)
1 pint Whipping Cream
Chocolate Syrup (optional) I used about 3 Tbs.

Mix ice cream. Add coffee (cooled) & whipping cream & chocolate. Put mixture in freezer. Stir every 30-40 minutes. Do not freeze. You want it really cold but not icy. This will be drinking consistency but you can freeze it and serve as ice cream.
30 minutes before serving, place punch bowl in freezer. This will help keep the punch really cold.
* I mixed mine and served it immediately and it was delicious (if you don't have time to make it ahead of time and stir every 30 minutes)!


FourOf5zs said...

Ms. Bunny looks so cute. The bride to be is beautiful. The food looks scrumptious... makes me want a biscuit. I had never heard of this type of shower. It is a good idea.


Debi said...

Miss Sue dear,
How wonderful!! I love the idea of a Christmas shower for the bride!! I will have to remember that when we have another bride to be here!
I don't drink coffee, but I think the punch will be wonderful for those that do!! The recipe has been added to my recipe file for a cookbook someday!! I don't know when it will be finished... but who knows!

Actually, it was your blog yeasterday that was one of them that kept telling me was your comments... BUT today it seems to be fixed!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!
I am glad to hear all is well with you at the holidays!!

As for the weather... yeaterday was 65 degrees... but today... we have snow/sleet mixed!! Go figure!! The saying is... it's Kansas... if you don't like that weather... wait an hour... maybe you will then. (I really enjoyed yesterdays... I got to catch up on some spray painting... and cleaning outside!!)

Hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear!

Nana said...

I am in love with the punch!! I'm going to make some for myself... I have no intention on waiting for a party :) Maybe I'll just surprise everyone at work Monday as a "New Year's" present!! Thanks for the recipe!

Everything was wonderful today! I enjoyed seeing you and everyone and LOVED watching Kamin open ALL those pretty things!! Don't you know her house is going to be just gorgeous next Christmas :)


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The punch sounds wonderful...and I love Ms. Bunny:)

Sharon said...

Sue, you just do the nicest things! And every detail is perfect. Even Ms. Bunny - how cute she is for every occassion. The punch sounds delicous. I'll save the recipe and make ice cream. Till later - God bless. S.

K.ASH =] said...

i believe you should be a professional hostess...all your parties are sooo pretty and F-U-N!!! love ya!

Kristin F. said...

I'm so glad you posted the picture of your bunny because I forgot to mention her today at your house!! She looked so sweet and Ella was duly impressed :).
It was great to spend the afternoon with you and Amy, we appreciate everything you did for K and had such a great time partying.
I'm waiting on that casserole recipe for tomorrow!

Gini said...

The bunny is really cute! What a great idea for a shower.

Linda said...

What a great idea for a shower!! Very clever. The mocha punch sounds perferct for a brunch!!

Stephanie said...

That recipe is a keeper and what a great idea for a shower!!
Thanks :)

YaYa's Funhouse said...

That punch sound scrumptious...may be I'll make some for New Years Day!!mmmmmm

Sweetie said...

Dear Sue, How festive to have a Christmas shower. I want to thank you for your offering of sympathy over the sudden passing of my husband. I should be back to blogging some time this week.
With love,

Gran said...

The bride's mother is so slow these days! The shower was stunning. The fellowship was priceless! We all love you for the time and energy that went into making Kamin's first shower wonderful! You are a great hostess! love, Holly

Raggedy Angel said...

What a wonder idea....a breakfast it! Everything look so yummy!!! Beth