Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Beach Trip

Each year for the past five years, we have gone to Orange Beach for a week with just our children and grandchildren. Because of busy schedules and the fact that Chris (our son) and his family live in Lousiana, the time we have together is limited to a few short weekends and a week at Thanksgiving (but this time is shared with extended family). So......each summer we all go to Orange Beach for a week together. YES, we all stay in the same condo and YES, there are a few times that it gets pretty noisy but we all look forward to this time together. This year the weather was absolutely beautiful and the food delicious. Granddaddy saved all his change and surprised the five oldest grandchildren when he poured the money on the table and had them put the coins in groups of quarters, dimes, nickels, and even pennies. This entertained them for quite some time!!! Next, he gave them each a baggy and divided the coins among them. When he told me before leaving home that he was going to give the grandchildren his change to spend, I told him I would exchange it for cash. He quickly told me that part of the fun for them would be "dividing all the coins"! He was right again!!! Each of them were able to take their money and go to 'The Shark' (Souvenier City) and buy what they wanted. However, we wanted their parents to have this priviledge!!! The week was wonderful and ended much too soon but we will return next year!!

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