Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Savannah Trip

My husband has three brothers and the four of them are very close. The fact that one brother lives in another state makes it difficult for everyone to be together very often. Thanksgiving is the holiday where the entire family "attempts" to get together but even if that happens, there are so many people with children and grandchildren until the brothers have little time for just each other. Last Thanksgiving, Harold (my husband), suggested that each year the four brothers and wives take a trip together and each of them would plan where the trip would be. We decided Gary would be in charge of the first trip and his choice was Savannah, Georgia. I think this was his choice because it was almost half-way for each of us. I was extremely excited because the mention of Savannah meant Paula Deen for me, and I love her! We actually arrived at the motel within minutes of each other so this was a good mid point for us (not that it mattered). Savannah is absolutely beautiful. You must take a tour if you go because they point out things you would miss on your own. Shopping along the river was fun.....for the wives. The line to eat at Paula's restaurant wrapped around several blocks. We could only make reservations if there were 10 in our party and we only had 8.....but Paula Deen is worth eating with two strangers. We made the reservations and found two of the most precious people who wanted to eat at Paula Deen's badly enough to eat with 8 complete strangers. The food was absolutely wonderful. The picture above shows one of the buffets. My favorite was the corn......YUMMY!!! Dessert was brought to us with a choice of banana pudding, peach cobbler, or cheesecake. Yes, if we couldn't make a choice....we were allowed to have more than one. This trip was wonderful.....the time with my family who mean the world to me, and seeing a beautiful city while eating at The Lady and Sons, will be hard to beat. Our next trip together is being planned now.

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sue, what a great trip for you and your family. I loved your description of Paula Deen's restaurant. I haven't been there yet, but would LOVE to go one day. She was just getting popular the last time I was in Savannah, over 10 years ago. I love that city too, just beautiful! I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have.