Thursday, July 31, 2008


It is so hard to believe that it is time for school to begin. I remember when my two were just starting. The pictures above were both made during their first grade years. Now both are excellent teachers and have children of their own in school. I taught school for many years and look back today and smile at some of my fondest memories. Many friendships were made through the years and I truly hope that my students have special memories of me. Much emphasis today is put on teaching reading, writing, math, and test scores (and rightly so), but teachers touch the life of a child in many other important ways. I know that there were ( and still are) students who needed to know that someone loved them. I pray that the higher expectations of raising scores each year never take away from having a child feel that his or her teacher has time show them they are important. This, to me, is a true meaning of "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!"


Amy said...

Yes, it's really me...before the traumatic "Dorothy Hammill haircut" that scarred me for life. What a beaut I was! Thanks for the post. You're so right. It's good to have a Mama who is also, and will always be - a teacher. I love you, Gigi!!!

parledge said...

Well said!! From one teacher to another, we did have a good time in our profession. Oh the stories, jumping on the children's table, the tapping incident, and oh so many more. No Child Left Behind has put a different spin on teaching.

Picket said...

Hello friend...thanks so much for coming by! It is always exciting to meet a new friend. I totally agree with you post...people don't realize what an impact a teacher can have on a child..we never know what goes on behind closed doors and a childs teacher may be the only one who ever shows love or kindness to that child...I applaud you for your years of service to our children. I see you can and those glorious jars of tomatoes almost made me cry..I grew up always helping in the garden and shelling and shucking but I never too the time to learn to can..oh I would love to be able to do that...there is nothing like fresh canned vegetables that you have grown yourself...ohhhh and you went to Savannah!!!! I want to go there and eat at Paula's place! lol lol Hope you have had a great day and I will add you to my list so I can find my way back here...put a scratch & sniff on those post if you are gonna be showing some of that home cooking!!!! lol

Sheila said...

Hi I found you at Rhoda's today, and I just had to comment when I read this post! I work as bookkeeper for our local Board of Education. I agree with you 100% on NCLB and test scores.
We had our County Wide in service on Monday and the speaker was non other thna Ron Clark! He did an outstanding job and really was inspiring.
Kudo's to you on this post. Most of all for the example you set for your children, and they made the decision to follow in your footsteps! What a compliment to you.