Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something New for Me

After stalking blogs for several months, I have decided to create one for myself. It is so addictive! Like everyone else I have my favorites and these happen to be for people I have never met, but each day I have to see what they have posted. I have learned so much about decorating, scrapbooking, cooking, sewing and more importantly....that everyone hurts at some time. It is so wonderful to see just how many know that without Jesus it would be impossible to make it through our trials. This is so new for me and I told myself for many weeks that I someone in their 50's was just too old to be starting a blog. However, I wanted a way to share my life with you and hear your comments. Thank you for going with me on this new journey.


Amy said...

Oh my goot-ness, my mom has a blog before I do. I'm proud of you. The background is cute and everything! You go, Gigi!
Love, AGM:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue,
I am so proud of your technology skills! We learned as we did at school didn't we. I will be putting your blog on my favorites so I can keep up with my favorite folks. Congratulations! Tricia A

Sue said...

How in the world did you find my blog so quickly? I am so excited. You must tell me how to find your blog. Thank you for your comment. Love you! Sue