Friday, July 25, 2008

SUGAR & SPICE.......

One of my favoite blogs that I visit every day is The Sticklers. Several weeks back I saw these precious dresses that Darby had made for her daughters. At the time I had two dresses that were about half smocked and you know exactly what I did. The smocking is still not finished (but I hope to finish them soon). I went and found fabric and bought the pattern to make Breanna and Maddie a dress like I saw that day (Simplicity 5118). I decided that Breanna might be a little too old for one exactly like her sister's so I bought a different pattern for her (Simplicity New Look 6690). I'll have to admit that my sewing has been limited to Bishops because I took a smocking class and learned how to make those. By changing the color of the dress and the design that you smock, it didn't matter if the only dress I ever made was by the same pattern!! However, I have to say that I made each of the girls two dresses by these patterns. You MUST visit this blog if you want some precious ideas.

I think these are about the most precious little girls in the world!! We were about to go get something to eat. I wish you could see Maddie's feet. She had on her silver, glittery shoes and they were on the wrong feet!

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