Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have always enjoyed gardening.....including freezing and canning vegetables, making jams and jellies, and pickling. As a child growing up on a farm I would love watching all the preparations that had to be done in order to have plenty of food in the winter. I remember my mother and her sisters as they spent entire days shelling peas, butterbeans, snapping greenbeans, or cutting off corn. When I became old enough to actually help I enjoyed these days. It was hard work, but the time together sitting under an oak tree with pans of peas to shell, made memories that will last a lifetime. Although I don't have my mother, aunts, or mother-in-law to share in these special times today, I still enjoy the times that I can or freeze vegetables. In fact, last week I canned these tomatoes. I am aware that it would be much easier to buy canned tomatoes at the grocery store, but the taste is definitely better and my wonderful memories can not be replaced.


AMY said...

It might be easier to buy "canned" tomatoes from the store, but there is NO COMPARISON in the taste of the two. Nothing is better than warm cornbread with your stewed tomatoes. YUM. People who don't eat "garden food" like we grew up on don't know what they are missing.

tricia said...

Amy has always told me that her favorite Birthday dinner..which is soon, is mom's garden veggies. Your tomatoes are beautiful and will be great in soup this winter.

kfields1923 said...

I found you today and enjoyed reading your entries. I've been thinking about doing it myself... you're very inspirational, lol. Love you, Kristin

kfields1923 said...

Wait a minute... I meant blogging, not canning. Can you see me canning vegetables?

Sue said...

YOU, of all people, MUST start a blog as creative as you are. I have absolutely no creative ability but I am so addicted to this. I'm go glad you found me. Check back often. Sure.....I thought you were going to be canning!