Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everyone Needs A BEST Friend

Friends are a huge part of life. I look at children and see how they develop friendships at daycare and school. Have you ever wondered what it is that attracks someone to become your friend? I've heard someone say that some friends come into your life for a season and they are gone but some are lifetime friends. I look back at my childhood and I remember my friends from elementary school. At that time they were best friends...but now I realize it was only for a season. My children (Amy & Chris) had special friends growing up and the closeness they had with these friends seemed as if it would last a lifetime. I think the paths they have each taken in their lives have caused these friends to be their friends for a season. However, I believe each of us have one friend that is our lifetime friend. I know I have one. Her name is Jane. I met Jane in the early 1980's. Both of our husbands were coaches and we spent much time together (alone) with our children. She and I know the good, bad, and ugly and still love each other. Throughout the years, the moves, the tears, the trips, the phone calls, and the advice (some taken & some not) we both know beyond a shadow of a doubt...that our friendship is not for a season......but a lifetime! I hope each of you have a lifetime friend. I thank God for mine!


parledge said...

Sue, you write so well. I read the "Best Friend" with many emotions. Many of my retirement cards said that I was beginning a new season of my life. I have a fear that I will lose those close friends from VES. I was glad to read the warmness of keeping a good friend and being one still survives with you and Jane.

Jane said...

Okay, you know you made me cry and laugh at the same time because everything you said is so-o-o true. As Catherine and Linda would say "we know each other, warts and all" and it doesn't matter. The blog is GREAT! I'm proud of you.

Love you,