Friday, August 1, 2008


This picture does not show how big the bloom of this hydrangea was this year. It was much larger than a dinner plate and it is still beautiful except the bloom is now a pale green instead of white. Several years ago I went to this wonderful place called Petals From the Past where they specialize in having plants that grew years ago around old homesteads. The wonderful things about this place is they usually have these plants growing around their garden shop so you can actually see what they will look like (hopefully) when they grow. For the first few years, I knew that I had a hydrangea but that was about it. However, this year the blooms were massive. Gardening (in early springtime before the heat in late July/August) is a wonderful stress release for me. Maybe there is something more to the saying...."Take time to smell the roses...."

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parledge said...

Don't you just love Pedalw From the Past? I love going to their special pprograms in the barn too. The antique rose program is great. Jason Powell knows his stuff! Their fruit is great too.