Saturday, August 9, 2008


My daughter, Amy, and I had a great day looking for treasures at yardsales today. I found several items that I probably would have passed up before, but after seeing how creative some of my blogging friends have been with spray paint I was tickled to death and came home and have already painted a few of the items. I had been looking for some large candle sticks and found these at the first stop. I paid $5.00 for the three of them. I have several rolling pins and you might say that I'm a collector of them now so I couldn't pass this one by for under $2. All of the baskets will be painted black and used for various is going to hold my rolling pins. The little three drawer cabinet was calling my name. I don't have a clue what I'll use it for, but I have already painted it black and I did put some little white knobs on the drawers. I can't decide if I'll use it in my kitchen or put it somewhere else. The miniature chair will be used as a decorative piece. All of the items that you see above were $17.00. Pretty good if I do say so!
I will say that I am so jealous of Amy. We stopped at an estate sale and the first thing we saw was this small three drawer chest. You could tell it was old, but in good shape. Amy got to it first and the price was $20.00. She said, "It's mine!" I'll put it by Shawn's (her husband) recliner. She is painting it black, also. (I'm sure she will post pictures of it on her blog). I think the amount of black paint that is sold must be going up after reading some of these blogs!!!

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DaNella Auten said...

lol glad you had fun. It was great weather for it.