Sunday, August 31, 2008


My daughter, Amy, and I left early yesterday morning to hit some of the yard sales. We knew we didn't have much time because she had to get back for a birthday party and I was having folks over to watch the game (ROLL TIDE), but we found some pretty neat things in a short time. I got a little blue & gold trinket box that I am going to put in my bathroom (perfect colors) to put cotton balls, Q-tips, or whatever in for $1.00, the white candle holder that is already distressed looking for $1.00, the grapevine wreath for $0.50 (as I started to pay for it--the lady said the person in front of me,who I had never seen, paid for it for me--so it was free), and my favorite OLD cookbook for $1.00. YES, it was from 1916 and I love's up on the shelf in my kitchen by the recipe that I framed. That was my catch of the day.
I am so proud of the cookbook. It's in pretty good condition for the age of it.
Please pray for the people along the gulf coast. My son and his family live in Louisiana north of Lake Pontchartrain. They, along with his wife's parents and grandmother, are coming here today. His father-in-law's business is in Metairie (outside of New Orleans) and they lost their lake home three years ago in Bay St. Louis. There are 1,000's of people that are just like them...I can't imagine driving away and not knowing if your home would be there when you return. Pray for safety and also that there will be minimal damage from this storm. God Bless all of you!


Linda said...

In 1975 right after we got married, DH and I lived in Gretna and drove over Lake Ponchatrain so I know the area well. I will keep the gulf coast area in my prayers.

Tricia said...

Tell Chris and Amy and their families that I am praying for their property to survive the storm. I am so impressed with your yard sale finds yesterday. The cookbook is great.

Melissa Wertz said...

Roll Tide Roll!!! John Parker played like he played in high school! {Go Hoover Bucs!!! also had a banner night Fri.} I think Sabin is whipp'in the boys into shape!

Good finds!

I am wondering if I should put fresh sheets on the bed. Have not heard from my Slidell family.

DaNella Auten said...

I thought of you and them this morning.
I am praying.

Did you like the book?

Kele said...

Great finds! I will say a prayer for your son and his extended family, in fact I am doing it right now!

Linda said...

Hi Sue,

I would load up on gourds and baby punkins and fill the mantle with those and fall candles! That's what I am doing when they come out later in the fall.
Thanks for the kind words!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Sue,
Did you get my email on adding a guest counter to your blog? I sent it today...I want to make sure you got it!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Thanks for visiting my Webshots and leaving a comment.

Also thanks so much for the prayers, but it seems as though your family needs them a little more. So my thoughts and prayers are with them.


Stephanie said...

Prayers said.
I hate that stupid storm, I just heard the update on the news this morning.....

I love your new treasures. Unfortunately, garage sale season is over now , Im already for estate sales tho that pop up every so often!!

Have a great day,

Angie said...

Great finds at the yard sales - that old cookbook is awesome! I will be thinking of and praying for your family members.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

A little late with this, but I am praying that your family in NO are all safe and that their homes didn't suffer any damage this time.

And ROLL TIDE! What an awesome game! It was good ole fashioned whoopin'! LOL!

Love your yard sale fids too. Have a blessed day!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

You are so cute dreaming about our store! We have many more things to do and put in it but in time it will all come together.
Hope you are having a lovely visit with your son! I'm so thankful the hurricane wasn't as bad as it could have been!
Take Care,

Joy said...

You scored a wonderful find with that cookbook. I'm sure it looks great in your beautiful kitchen along with all of your other wonderfully displayed collections.

The news reports say the storm wasn't as intense as they expected. I hope Gustav didn't cause too much damage to your guests homes.