Saturday, August 23, 2008


Rain today prevented any yard sales or painting projects to be completed, but I'm not complaining at all. We have needed rain for so long that this is indeed a welcomed sight. I started thinking about what I could write about since I wasn't able to finish a project. I walked past my quilts that are hanging on a ladder in the corner of my den and knew I'd share these with you today. First of all....I LOVE quilts! I'd take a quilt any day over a blanket. As a child I remember my mother and two of her sisters quilting. They didn't use hoops --they had a wooden frame set up in the living room. While they quilted I would play underneath the quilt and I'd see the needles go in and out as they made these pretty stitches. I have some of those quilts today and my children each have one that was made for them. These that you see above are some others that I chose to display. I'm sure there are stories in each of the scraps of fabric used. This ladder has a story also. My brother-in-law lives in Florida where there are many orange groves. I told him once that I'd love to have an OLD ladder to display my quilts. He told me that the ladders the fruit pickers use are discarded after many years and he would see if he could get me one. The next time he came home I had it. It is perfect!! I wish I had learned the art of quilting. The time spent together with family and friends while making something to be passed to future generations is a precious gift!


Melissa Wertz said...

Beautiful quilts. I used to help my grandma sandwich, baste, roll and quilt quilts all the time. She lived with us and always had a quilt up in our living room. Quilting is not hard. If you can sew, you can learn to quilt.

Angie said...

I think quilts are so special and beautiful. I don't have any, but my mom does. She has them on a quilt rack in her guest bedroom. She uses one when my son takes a nap at their house. It is so neat to think of someone spending all that time to make something.

Picket said...

Morning Sue! I love quilts! I remember my grandmother having a huge quilting frame hanging from the ceiling in the bedroom and some of her friends would come by and they would all sit around the frame and quilt for a few hours at a time..all the beds would be loaded down with quilts in the winter when you crawled in you couldn't even wiggle your toes there would be so many quilts on top of you! lol...but I loved seeing them and knowing that they were made from old flour sacks or old dress and shirts...I never learned to quilt either but I think it is an amazing art and talent...thanks so much for all your prayers and encouragement sweetie..I feel so blessed...have a great Sunday!

Linda said...

I love the story about the quilts and the ladder. I too would take one over a blanket anytime!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Those are beautiful! What sweet memories! My Granny taught me how to stitch quilt squares together when I was 5 or 6 years old. I never stuck it out and learned what I needed to and I regret that now. I have seen those big quilting frames too.
I love the ladder. How nice that your brother got one for you! It looks great holding your quilts.

Cathy said...

Hi, Sue....I love quilts also! I have gotten many over the years, mostly from yard sales, thrift stores...etc.and I love to display my quilts like that. I have made 3 quilts over the years. My son has one, my daughter, and I made a small one for my last grandson. You story reminds me of when I was a little girl,going to my aunts house and she had all her quilting racks out. You can't beat a quilt!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Sue,
So funny that you posted about quilts... My 91 year old grandma and I were talking about quilts yesterday. Our whole family love quilts so much. In fact my grandma let me know that she has a beautiful pink quilt waiting for my granddaughter to be born later this year. (how special is that 5 generations of girls soon)

Hey, I wanted you to know that I did not forget about you. My computer crashed yesterday while moving it. We just got all the parts and got it running tonight! Thank God I didn't lose anything important!
Hope you are having a great night and enjoying the rain. It is raining here in Seattle-I really love rainy days.