Thursday, August 21, 2008


I AM a wife, mother, and Gigi
I THINK about the past way too much
I KNOW that God gave me a wonderful family
I WANT my children to be happy
I HAVE a wonderful husband who loves me, a son and daughter who both have great spouses, and six precious grandchildren
I WISH that I were more organized
I DISLIKE buttermilk
I MISS my family who have passed on
I FEAR something happening to my husband or one of my children
I FEEL blessed
I HEAR a train in the distance
I SMELL a pumpkin spice candle
I CRAVE watermelon
I USUALLY stay up much too late every night
I SEARCH for new blogs that will become favorites like so many others
I WONDER if I could go a day without worrying about something
I REGRET the times I made a wrong choice
I CARE too much about what others think
I ALWAYS tell my husband and children that I love them before I say good-bye
I WORRY about everything......(ask my husband)
I AM NOT shy
I REMEMBER the day I found out I was going to be a mother
I BELIEVE that all things do work together for the good (not that all things are good)
I DANCE with my husband at home once in a blue moon
I SING when I am alone (it is more of a joyful noise)
I DON'T ALWAYS walk each week like I want
I ARGUE rarely (I hate this)
I WRITE notes to myself (lists)
I WIN sometimes
I LOSE very few things...but I have never found the one thing that I did lose (my ring)
I NEVER will forget how good God has been to me
I LISTEN when others talk
I DON'T UNDERSTAND why people lie
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND at work or home

These are a few things about me. I'm working on a project that maybe I'll be able to show later.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sue...I love this list about you. It is a quick way to learn more about a person. Great idea!
Thanks so much for sharing it!
I think it's funny because on some things you wrote about yourself I was thinking "me too" and on others I was thinking "not me"
I can't smell a pumpkin candle or hear a train but I do dislike buttermilk! And I do love God.
Glad you do too!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I love this! May I borrow it?

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Sue,
Hey I read the comment you put on my blog this morning and want to offer some help for putting your award on. IF you need some help E mail me at and let me know how you want to put the award on (like on your side bar) or posting it...Or just trying to get a copy of the award to post. Let me know and I can either write a email walking you thru it or I could call you (I have free long distance) I walk my Mom thru this stuff all the time.
I'm going to be home crafting most the day so really if you do feel like you are stumped just shoot me a email.

Kele said...

Hey Sue, I've been hangin out at your place today while in Presley's hospital room. I just love some of the ideas you have. I am going to be making many of my christmas gifts this year, as I have a 2 million dollar baby I am paying for, LOL! So please keep the good ideas coming. I have even enjoyed checking out your friends, they have lovely ideas as well.
BTW, you forgot 'I TRY' on your list. Can I do it for you?

'I TRY to make hearts smile with my amazing selflessness, compassion and kindness.'

HUGS from, 'a heart you've made smile so much this past week!'

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sue, I borrowed your neat "Things About Me" list and posted it today. I hope you don't mind. It was a fun things for me to do on this rainy day. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!